Add Flavor and Nutrition to Your Dog’s Diet With a Dog Food Topper

An affordable way to supplement and diversify your pet’s diet with extra vitamins and nutrients, dog food toppers are an easy and tasty way to add variety and calories/protein for picky eaters, sick dogs or those requiring an increase in calories or protein intake.

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There is an array of toppers available for dogs, from dry and wet options, so finding one suitable to their individual preferences, lifestyle and budget should not be difficult.


Meat Toppers

Food toppers are an easy and tasty way to add protein and flavor to your pet’s diet, while providing numerous other advantages like improved texture and moisture retention.

Toppers for dry or wet kibble are an easy and tasty way to customize the flavor for your pup, depending on his or her tastes. There is an array of ingredients you can choose from depending on what satisfies their palate.

Providing your pup with delicious meaty flavors without all of the fat can be easy: cooked chicken, beef or pork can make tasty meal additions that provide protein and zinc; they’re sure to please their senses as well!

Bone broth can make a tasty and healthy addition to dry food for dogs. Not only will it enhance its taste, but its collagen-rich content supports joint health.

Vegetable Toppers

Add vegetable toppers to your dog’s diet is an easy and tasty way to add additional nutrition. Not only that, but adding variety is sure to give them an impression of being well fed!

Carrots and sweet potatoes are two vegetables that your dog will likely appreciate, as they provide both fiber and moisture for optimal hydration.

Your dog will love these tasty morsels of goodness cooked in your crockpot or mixed with dry food! Additionally, they can even be boiled in liquid to form a porridge for him/her to enjoy!

Vegetables can provide your dog with a protein-rich source of nutrition while remaining low in fat content. However, if your pet has any dietary sensitivities it’s wise to check its caloric value first before adding anything new into their diet.

Fruit Toppers

Dog food toppers are an effective way to add nutritional value and keep your pup hydrated during meals.

When searching for the ideal dog food topper, be on the lookout for ingredients that are naturally sweetened and nutritious – such as antioxidants or omega-3 fatty acids that could aid in their overall wellbeing.

Fruit toppers are an easy and delicious way to add variety and flavor to your dog’s diet. Simply spray some over their dry food or combine with wet foods for an all-round balanced meal!

Because some toppers can be costly, it is important to make an informed decision and choose carefully. Be sure that it contains nutritious ingredients without harmful substances or additives.

Fish Toppers

Fish toppers are an easy and tasty way to add extra protein into your dog’s diet, providing omega-3s and vitamin B12 that may support skin and coat health in pets.

These toppers can be sprinkled directly over dry food for your pet or spread on a licking mat to encourage them to eat. They’re an especially great treat for picky eaters or dogs at risk of dehydration.

Bone broth can provide your pet with extra vitamins and flavor while adding essential hydration without any additives or extra salt. Plus, its preparation process makes for quick prep!

Yogurt can make an ideal, low-calorie kibble topper that also provides probiotics and other beneficial bacteria to your dog’s diet. When selecting either Greek or unsweetened plain varieties, make sure that their lactose tolerance has been tested by selecting only trusted brands that have passed this testing procedure.