Alpo Canned Dog Food

alpo canned dog food

Nestle Purina PetCare manufactures Alpo dog food in America. Available as either canned or packaged soft dog food, Alpo provides nutritional value to your pup.

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Alpo is a budget-conscious brand, yet the quality of its recipes can often be lacking. Many recipes contain fillers, artificial colors and by-products which affect taste and consistency.



Alpo canned dog food is an affordable option that can be found in many pet stores. Unfortunately, it has not earned the top ratings for being organic or holistically produced.

Alpo canned dog food contains mostly generic ingredients. Water is the first component, followed by meat and by-products like organs and intestines. After that comes starches like rice, wheat gluten, and soy flour.

This recipe also contains artificial preservatives, flavors and additives; these include guar gum and carrageenan which have been linked to health issues in dogs.

Alpo canned dog food offers a selection of dry and wet recipes, as well as chews. Their small/medium dental chew is the ideal treat for small to medium-sized dogs.


Alpo canned dog food is designed to give your furry friend all of the essential nutrients they need for healthy and active living. It primarily consists of meat and protein – just what dogs crave!

The primary ingredient is beef, which provides naturally abundant sources of all ten essential amino acids. Chicken follows, also providing an abundant supply of these vital building blocks of muscle tissue.

Next, there’s soy flour – a high-protein by-product of soybean processing that contains 51% protein and can significantly boost the total protein reported on the label — an element to consider when judging the actual meat content of this dog food.

Other ingredients in this recipe include high-fructose corn syrup which may cause a blood sugar spike for dogs, as well as guar gum and carrageenan for thickening purposes. While synthetic supplements are necessary to ensure nutritional balance in this recipe, they’re much less biologically valuable to dogs than natural sources of the same nutrients.


Alpo canned dog food is a budget-conscious brand sold in pet stores around the globe. Founded by Robert F. Hunsicker in 1936, it’s owned by Nestle Purina Petcare – the No. 2 dog food company worldwide with nearly $14 billion annually in revenue.

Alpo cans contain water necessary for processing and meat or poultry by-products. Rice flour and wheat gluten provide healthy carbohydrates. Finally, an unnamed liver and meat by-product supplement the protein content.

The fifth ingredient is soy flour, an affordable plant-based product that can significantly boost protein content. Finally, there are no added oils used.


Nestle Purina Petcare manufactures Alpo canned dog food products and it has become a go-to budget brand for many pet parents. Alpo dog food has an affordable price point and plenty of fans.

Over the years, there have been multiple recalls for alpo canned dog food due to toxic ingredients or contamination. These food products were removed from retail outlets due to these issues.

In 2007, Alpo issued a recall for all sizes and varieties of its Prime Cuts in Gravy wet dog food products.

This canned dog food is a grain-inclusive formula that incorporates moderate amounts of named meat and unnamed meat-by-products as its primary sources of animal protein. Additionally, it contains water sufficient for processing, wheat gluten and soy flour as primary starches.

Alpo has been a trusted brand for decades. Their product range consists of dry and wet/canned dog foods as well as treats for pups.