Alpo Variety Snaps

alpo snaps

Alpo variety snaps are an increasingly popular treat for dogs. Constructed using real meat, they’re easily digested by pets – making them an excellent alternative to other dog treats.

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Purina owns the pet food manufacturer Alpo, one of the leading producers worldwide. However, in recent times Alpo products were subject to recall due to possible melamine contamination issues.


Variety of Flavors

Reward your dog with delicious flavors they’ll adore and ingredients you trust – like beef, chicken liver and lamb flavors – they’re sure to find something perfect! Each bite is baked with calcium for strong teeth and bones without artificial flavors; no wonder three out of four dogs prefer Alpo Little Bites over Milk-Bone medium biscuits!

Made with pride in USA facilities, these adult dog treats are baked with pride using natural beef, chicken liver and lamb flavors for an irresistibly crunchy texture that helps clean teeth and freshen breath. Use them as rewards for good behavior or use as special treat between meals. Each box comes equipped with an assortment of real beef, chicken liver or lamb flavors so you can find one perfect for him!

Easy to Digest

If you suffer from digestive problems, eating a well-rounded diet with plenty of nourishing foods is crucial for improving overall digestive health. Unfortunately, certain items can be difficult to digest, leading to uncomfortable symptoms like acid reflux or bloating; adding easy-to-digest options into your diet may reduce these issues and enhance overall digestive wellness.

Foods that are easy to digest include cooked vegetables and fruits as well as lean proteins like poultry and fish, especially cooked varieties with reduced fiber.

Yogurt is another ideal food option for people seeking easy-to-digest meals, packed with gut-friendly bacteria and calcium and protein sources. While dairy may worsen digestive discomfort, yogurt stands out due to its minimal fat content and abundance of proteins; in addition, there’s no lactose present which may exacerbate digestive distress.

Made with Real Liver

Show your pup just how much you care with these delicious crunching treats that feature flavors such as beef, chicken liver and lamb! Your pet will adore every bite while the crunch helps maintain his dental hygiene and breath freshness. Additionally, these treats are proudly baked here in America without artificial flavorings or preservatives added!

Alpo Variety Snaps are made with natural oat fiber to promote optimal digestion in your pet, as well as real liver that dogs absolutely adore – providing high-quality protein sources essential to developing strong muscles and maintaining overall good health.

Alpine Snaps adult dog treats offer irresistibly meaty flavor that three out of four dogs prefer over Milk-Bone medium biscuits, and are packed with calcium to support strong teeth and bones. As an extra special reward or between meals to satisfy his hunger, alpo snaps will have his tail wagging happily in approval!


Although most dogs enjoy these treats, they have become hard to come by due to the product being discontinued and reported shortages. Purina has not provided any reason for its discontinuance. Many have asked for an explanation, with some reaching out directly to Alpo Variety Snaps in search of more details. While waiting, try other brands with ingredients similar to those found in Alpo variety snaps. Pedigree meat jerky, First Bark soft chicken and JerHigh carrot sticks are some of the products available that offer variety in taste while being baked right here in America. Plus they contain high calcium amounts to support healthy teeth and bones! A great alternative to Alpo variety snaps!