Bee Hotel Girl Scout Homemade Treats

bee homemade treats

Following extensive discussion and brainstorming sessions, the girls decided on saving honey bees as their project. Their bee hotel project forms part of a new Girl Scout initiative to think like citizen scientists and create real-world sustainable projects.

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Winter liquid feed should consist of filling a clean container with sugar syrup and puncturing 6-8 holes into its lid, before placing it on a tray or riser beneath the hive cover.


Cake Pops

Cake Pops are an easy and delicious treat that kids will love making on their own, perfect for weekend projects that store well in the fridge for up to three days. They come in different flavors and designs and can even be decorated with colorful sprinkles!

Create evenly-sized balls of cake mix or frosting flavor using a cookie scoop and any cake mix or frosting flavor you desire.

If your cake poop doesn’t look perfect, it could be due to oil leaching from the cake into its candy coating and creating an oily effect in your poop. While this is perfectly normal and acceptable, it could make for slightly oilier looking poop than intended.

As soon as your chocolate has set, it’s time to decorate! Use the same method of dipping as before with sprinkles, candy melts or chocolate shavings as decorations – be sure to have an empty plate or bowl handy under each cake pop so any extra decorations that don’t stick can be caught easily and stored either in an airtight container or Styrofoam block for safe keeping!

Dog Treats

Treats need to last, whether for training purposes, keeping the pet busy while you are out or simply as an antidote for boredom relief. Effective treats include freeze-dried liver treats, cut up jerky treats or rawhide bones that double up as chew toys to maintain clean teeth.

Look for treats with short ingredient lists and avoid those containing potentially harmful additives such as artificial colouring and flavouring, corn syrup, sorbitol, etc. that could compromise your pet’s long-term health.

Treats should only be fed occasionally as treats are often high in fat content and could put additional stress on joints and hearts. Some treat products, like biscuits, are specifically designed to meet nutritional adequacy standards – making owners less guilty about giving their pet “junk food”.

Honey Cupcakes

Honey shines bright in these light and fluffy cupcakes, featuring an irresistibly creamy honey buttercream frosting. Tupelo honey adds its unique nutty flavors to the batter; any light-colored local variety will work just as well. For an unexpected tart note to complement its sweetness, garnish your cupcakes with lemon zest or dollop of tart cream cheese frosting for the ideal balance.

While traditional all-purpose flour forms the base of this recipe, those with gluten sensitivities may want to switch out part of it for whole wheat or gluten-free blends of flours. Ricotta and Greek yogurt help add moisture and tenderness that makes these cupcakes irresistibly tender!

When creating batter, it is crucial that the ingredients be at room temperature so they can combine easily and bake properly. Warming honey may help the other wet ingredients combine more smoothly.

Bee Sting Cake

Bee Sting Cake is a traditional German treat with its decadent vanilla custard filling and crunchy honey-glazed almond topping. Constructed using yeasted dough similar to that used for brioche bread, the dessert can either be filled with vanilla pudding or Creme Patissiere for optimal results.

Named after an ancient legend about two apprentice bakers who discovered an invasion on Andernach, and used bee sting cakes to repel it using bee stung nests thrown by two apprentice bakers armed with beehive pellets thrown by two bakers from nearby towns; their efforts resulted in forcing invaders out. Citizens commemorated this ingenuity and created this dessert as a token of appreciation: bee sting cake.

This German dessert recipe is easy and sure to impress friends and family during “Kaffee und Kuchen,” Germany’s version of high tea. If you’re new to baking, this Bee Sting Cake recipe can also serve as an ideal starting point – simply take your time working with the yeast dough while stirring regularly so as to prevent lumps forming in the custard filling. Alternatively, save time by forgoing homemade custard altogether and replacing it with whipped cream instead.