BeeSmart, Airsnigi, and Ultimate 3-Season in Hive Feeders

ultimate hive feeder

The Ultimate 3 Season in Hive Feeder is a convenient hive equipment that you can place on top of your brood box, super, or empty box. It fits well on 8 or 10-frame equipment and is compatible with medium hive bodies. It is also virtually maintenance free.

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BeeSmart(r) products

The BeeSmart(r) line of hive feeders is the ultimate choice for beekeepers. With features such as easy swapping and filling, this feeder eliminates headaches and is the ultimate in convenience. Bees can be fed without disturbing the hive, and the EZ-GRIP(tm) handle allows you to easily and quickly change feeders.

BeeSmart products are manufactured in the USA. The BeeSmart stand is made from a strong, durable material. It has domed inner surfaces to direct condensation to the outer edge. This makes it virtually maintenance free. It also resists sticking of propolis.

Honey Hive Farms

One of the best ways to increase the number of honeybees is to feed them. Honeybees love sugary treats, and it’s easy to feed them from a feeder. Honeybee feeders can come in two types: entrance feeders and frame feeders. Entrance feeders are easy to use and can be placed inside the hive’s entrance. They hold a small amount of syrup in the bottom, while the frames can be placed on top. They come with a feeding jar that slides in and out of the entrance frame, and they’re easy to clean. However, their exterior jar is susceptible to moisture and cold, making them a potential danger to bees.

Beekeepers will want to make sure their hives are properly fed. A good way to ensure that your hives are getting the right amount of food is to periodically replace the frames. This will allow the bees to get the food they need and will prevent them from leaving the hive for days to feed. There are a variety of feeders for honey bees, and each one has its own benefits and disadvantages. The most common feeder is a boardman feeder, which uses a glass jar. Glass jars are easy to clean and replace.


If you have a bee hive, an Airsnigi Ultimate Hive Feeder can be very beneficial. Its one gallon capacity makes it an excellent option for feeding your hive. This feeder is made from high quality plastic that is non-toxic to bees. It is easy to install. Simply place it at the top of your hive’s brood box. Its transparent design allows you to see how much liquid is in the feeder. It can also be placed outside the entrance, so that it doesn’t disturb the bees.

The frame feeders come fully assembled. They are easy to use and will fit over the inner cover of your hive. They can be filled with syrup easily without having to open the hive. They are also easy to remove and don’t attract pests or robber bees. They are ideal for beekeepers who don’t have the confidence to open their hives. The feeders can hold up to three quarts of syrup.

BeeSmart(r)’s Ultimate Direct Feeder

The Bee Smart Ultimate Direct Feeder is an in-hive feeding system with a large 1-gallon feed reservoir. It is compatible with medium-sized boxes and comes with riser feet. This feeder is similar to the Ultimate 3-Seader but has more features.

BeeSmart(r)’s In-Hive Feeder

BeeSmart’s In-Hive Feeder is a one-gallon, top-entry feeder for bees. It can be placed over an empty super or over frames. Its translucent tank makes it easy to see the level of syrup inside. It’s also drip-free and easy to replace.

Entrance feeders are similar to internal hive feeders, but they fit into the entrance of the hive. These feeders hold a lot of syrup and have clever designs to keep bees from drowning. However, they have their drawbacks. The liquid in these feeders can freeze and bees may not be able to reach it.