What Do Parakeets Eat Besides Seeds?

what do parakeets eat besides seeds

Parakeets eat a variety of different fruits, vegetables, grains, and flowers. However, the seeds in fruit are a choking hazard for them, so only feed them fruit that has been pitted. If you do not have any fruit available, you can try giving your bird pitted seeds instead.

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Aside from seeds, parakeets also enjoy eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. However, their diet is based on the climate and environment they live in. Some species thrive in tropical or desert climates, while others are more suited to temperate climates.


Many parrot owners have come to realize that their little birds need more than just seeds. Aside from seeds, parakeets also eat a variety of grasses, sprouts, and insects. These can be fed raw or steamed without salt.


Parakeets are granvores and require a varied diet to survive. Fruits and vegetables provide important vitamins and calcium for parakeets. Fresh spinach and alfalfa sprouts are both high in vitamins A, E, and K. Other fruit options include apricots, blueberries, and mango. Cooked beans are also a good source of protein and fiber. However, avoid raw beans, which are harmful to birds.


Parakeets are omnivorous and can eat seeds from plants, flowers, and trees. This diet varies widely according to the species, and it is often based on what is readily available in a particular location. In some parts of the world, parakeets eat mostly seeds, while others feed on fruits and vegetables.


If you have a parrot, you may be wondering if they can eat peaches besides seeds. The answer is yes, though it is important to be sure that you wash the fruit before giving it to your parrot. This is because peaches can be contaminated with chemicals from pesticides and insecticides, and the toxins from these chemicals can be harmful to your parrot’s health. Purchasing organic produce for your parrot is also a great way to ensure your pet is not exposed to any chemicals during the growing process. Organic produce is produced under the strict regulation of the USDA and FDA, and you can be sure that it will be safe for your pet.


Pistachios are a very nutritious and tasty food for parakeets. They help improve their health and mood. They contain fiber which helps maintain a healthy gut and are high in vitamin B6.


Parakeets can eat apricots besides their seeds, but they shouldn’t eat the pits. The pits of these fruits are toxic, so they shouldn’t be offered to your parrots. The fruit itself is fine for parrots, as long as you buy seedless varieties. Likewise, blackberries are good for parakeets, and the seeds pass through their digestive systems without harming the bird.


Parakeets love nuts and walnuts are a healthy treat for your pet. They’re high in omega-3 fatty acids and are beneficial for parakeets in moderation. However, you shouldn’t give your pet too many walnuts or it can lead to obesity. To avoid this problem, give your bird a small amount of walnuts only once or twice a week and alternate the walnuts with other treats. Moreover, always de-shell the walnuts before giving them.