Best Rated Cat Food

best rated cat food

Are you searching for a high-quality dry cat food? Look no further. Here, you’ll find only the highest rated products that provide plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals.

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Kibble that meets these criteria should be free from grains such as corn, wheat, and soy and contain a high percentage of meat. Look for meats listed first on the ingredient list like chicken or turkey.



Iams cat food offers a comprehensive selection of dry and wet options tailored to your pet’s age, lifestyle, dietary needs and specific health issues. Its ProActive Health line of dry foods includes products for weight control, sensitive digestion, hairball care and urinary tract health.

Their ProActive Health Adult Dry Food contains a high animal protein content to support lean muscle development. Plus, it features an advanced fibre blend with prebiotics and beet pulp which helps cats absorb essential nutrients more readily.

This supplement boasts an optimal Omega 6:3 ratio and crunchy kibble to help reduce plaque build-up. Other claimed benefits include improved skin and coat health as well as increased glossiness of fur.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a highly recommended brand among veterinarians for their products that address specific health needs for your pet. Their formulas have been carefully designed and tested by experienced vets so you can rest assured knowing they’ve done their due diligence when selecting which brand best meets your needs.

Their dry and wet cat food formulas are designed with years of research in mind, to guarantee your pet gets all of the essential nutrients for a long and healthy life.

They offer a wide selection of foods tailored for different life stages and body types. Additionally, they have created breed-specific lines of foods designed specifically to meet the requirements of certain breeds.

Royal Canin has a well-deserved reputation for quality, but some consumers have concerns with certain ingredients. Their formulas contain meat by-products and corn which may be controversial among some pet parents.

Purina Proactive

This dry cat food is a high-protein recipe designed to keep your furry friend lean and trim. It also includes fiber, L-carnitine and prebiotics for digestive support.

This nutrient-rich formula is specially created with a taste your cat will love. Plus, it uses responsibly sourced ingredients and expertly prepared recipes created by professionals for maximum effectiveness.

Purina Proactive Adult Urinary Tract Health Dry Cat Food has earned rave reviews from customers. It’s an ideal option for cats with urinary issues and contains vitamin E to boost their immune systems.

This grain free food provides 36% crude protein to meet your cat’s nutritional needs. Plus, it includes vitamins and minerals for immunity as well as essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.


Petstages has a passion for creating and marketing innovative pet products that address every stage of an animal’s life. Their top-of-the-line NuVet Plus(r) formula incorporates high quality proteins with select fruits and veggies for a nutritionally balanced meal your cat will love. Furthermore, Petstages takes great pride in nurturing positive bonds between you and your furry friend by offering stylish accessories and toys so that you can spend more quality time together.

Petstages has earned some of the highest ratings in cat food and treats worldwide. Their NuVet(r) Plus(r) is their top seller, featuring select meats, vegetables, fruits and healthy whole grains. Plus they have plenty of other nutritious pet food choices too – ideal for budget-minded pet parents! Petstages even offers several introductory-level and value priced options to fit any budget!


Farmina is a brand backed by an English food research and nutrition company. They collaborate with independent veterinarians in Italy to formulate foods that promote optimal health.

Many of their dry foods are designed with low glycemic ingredients. Furthermore, they use an exclusive extrusion technique which helps them retain more nutrients and prevents vitamin denaturing.

These ingredients come from Italy, other parts of Europe and New Zealand and meet EU food safety and quality standards.

Their N&D Prime and Ancestral Grain lines are made with 60% premium animal ingredients such as chicken, boar, lamb, and fish for low glycemic results that are grain-free and gluten-free.