Orijen Freeze Dried Cat Treats

orijen freeze dried cat treats

Orijen freeze dried cat treats provide a healthy alternative to traditional dry kibble. Made with only top-notch ingredients and free from fillers, these treats offer optimal nutritional value.

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Raw ingredients are flash frozen to preserve their freshness and then gently freeze-dried, which preserves all essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients present in the food.


Biologically Appropriate Protein

Protein that has been biologically appropriated contains high amounts of essential amino acids that are readily digested and utilized by the body. Cats and dogs utilize protein to build skin, hair, bones, muscles, organs and other tissues.

Protein is also essential for maintaining a pet’s weight and overall wellness. Orijen freeze dried cat treats are nutrient-dense and packed with protein, making them an irresistible reward your furry friend will love.

These freeze dried cat treats are made with fresh meats and wild-caught fish that have been gently freeze dried without the use of synthetic preservatives, preserving nature’s rich, nourishing flavors for an irresistible taste experience for your feline friend.

ORIJEN uses animal ingredients that reflect the natural diet, such as meat, eggs, bone, organs and fish. Our recipes do not contain wheat, corn, potato or tapioca which may negatively impact digestive health; they’re designed for all life stages.


Orijen freeze dried cat treats are free from grain and gluten, making them the ideal treat for cats with food allergies. Give them to your pup whenever they’re in the mood for snacking or use them as a reward!

These treats are made with only a handful of animal proteins and gently freeze-dried to preserve the protein and essential nutrients your cat needs. They’re an ideal alternative to raw meaty bones for cats who have food sensitivity issues, as well as being an enjoyable way to introduce your furry friend to new ingredients!

Orijen cat foods are made with animal proteins, vegetables, fruits and botanicals in what the company refers to as Whole Prey ratios to mimic what cats would naturally eat in nature. These include fresh and raw muscle meats, organs, bones and cartilage.

No Artificial Preservatives

Orijen treats are unique from other freeze dried cat treats in that they do not contain any synthetic preservatives. This process preserves the natural goodness of each ingredient for a pure and tasty treat.

Orijen’s dry and wet foods use a range of animal ingredients, including WholePrey-inspired meat, organs, and bones. This means your cat will get plenty of protein but few carbohydrates in their diet.

They employ high-pressure processing to eliminate microbial pathogens. This ensures your cat won’t come into contact with potentially hazardous bacteria like Salmonella or E. coli when they consume this food.

As of May 2022, Orijen only sold dry food and a select range of freeze dried cat treats in Australia. Unfortunately, in 2008 they were forced to recall all their cat foods due to problems with irradiation treatment in this country.

Made in the USA

Orijen freeze dried cat treats are made in the USA with premium ingredients. Not only do these snacks provide your cat with protein and healthy fats, but they’re also an excellent source of energy!

Orijen’s freeze dried formulas adhere to the Wholeprey philosophy, which emphasizes on using whole animal ingredients. These include raw meat and organs from local suppliers that provide your cat with nutritionally appropriate nourishment.

Freeze dried treats are gently freeze-dried without the use of synthetic preservatives to preserve natural flavors and nutrients for a nourishing treat. Furthermore, these treats are grain-free and gluten-free – making them suitable for cats with common grain allergies.

Orijen’s dry food formulas are made with high levels of animal meat, organs and bones sourced from local suppliers. Furthermore, these meals feature low carbohydrate and low glycemic ingredients for added nutritional benefit.