Canary Kracker Crunch Sticks From VitaNature

vitakraft canary sticks

Triple Baked Crunch Sticks, fortified with vitamins, are a healthy treat for your bird. These treats promote chewing, which keeps the bird’s beak strong and healthy. The tasty treats also keep your bird mentally and physically stimulated, helping to prevent feather plucking and boredom. The treats can be given to your bird during mealtime or as a reward when it’s a good time to eat.

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VitaNature(r) product series

The new Crunch Sticks from VitaNature(r) contain nutritious, grain-based treats made especially for your bird. The sticks are triple-baked and contain valuable minerals and vitamins. Perfect for enriching your bird’s daily diet, they are also easy to feed. And the best part is that they are fun to eat too! Here are some tips to make your bird happy while feeding Vitakraft Crunch Sticks to your pet.

Rich in honey and sesame seeds

Canary Kracker Sticks are delicious, crunchy treats for your pet bird that are crafted with premium quality ingredients. The sticks contain essential vitamins, minerals, and seeds. Plus, they contain algae and honey that is 0.35% pure. You can attach the sticks to your cage easily with the handy cage clip. In addition, they are packed with 7100 IU of vitamin A and 710 IU of vitamin D3.

Canaries enjoy the taste of honey and sesame seeds and can benefit from this nutritional supplement. Vitakraft canary sticks are triple-baked and are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Canary treats are also an excellent way to prevent plucking of feathers. For added nutritional value, these treats also contain honey, sesame seeds, and eggs. Moreover, these treats contain turmeric, dicalcium phosphate, and salt.

Calci-lux calcium source

If you are looking for a great dietary supplement for canaries, you can buy Calci-Lux from Oropharma. Calci-Lux is a high-quality calcium source that is water soluble. It is often used for young birds to promote healthy eggshell formation and good skeletal development. It is also given in the case of calcium deficiency. A calcium-deficient bird can develop deformed bones and a hard eggshell, so this is a vital supplement for your pet.

This water soluble calcium source for canaries contains high levels of calcium and other essential nutrients. This calcium source mimics the process of building the skeleton, allowing your pet bird to gain calcium from it. In addition, it is professionally constituted, making it easy for your bird to consume. It is also highly digestible, so your canary will be more likely to eat it.

Triple Baked Crunch Sticks

The long-lasting, tasty Vitakraft Crunch Sticks are baked treats for your bird. They are made with real honey and fruit and support beak health while providing stimulation and flavor. These sticks’ triple-baked layers and wood chew center increase the lifespan of the treat. Your bird will love them! Try a handful of them today and watch your bird’s behavior improve! It’s so simple!

Triple Baked Crunch Vitakraft canary sticks are long-lasting treats that are made with real fruit and honey to support healthy beaks and provide mental stimulation. They have a wood chew center and clip for convenient handling. They are great treats to give your bird as a gift or to supplement daily bird food. They last for a long time, thanks to their triple baked layers. And, they’re made in Germany, so you know they’re quality.

XtraVital Canary treats

If you’d like to provide your pet canary with the best possible nutrition, XtraVital Canary Treats from Vitakraft are a great choice. Developed in collaboration with vets, nutritionists, and bird experts, these treats feature a unique blend of 26 fruits and seeds that provide the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids for your bird. Additionally, they include ingredients such as eggfood and echinacea for optimal palatability.

XtraVital Canary Treats from Vitakraft contain the highest levels of vitamin A, D, and E. These treats are triple baked on wooden sticks, and contain essential vitamins and minerals. Each treat comes with a clip holder for easy placement in the cage. Unlike other chewy canary treats, they contain no antioxidants or preservatives. This makes them great for traveling, too.