Vitakraft Parakeet Treat Sticks

vitakraft parakeet treat sticks

The delicious blend of seeds, fruits, and honey in Vitakraft Crunch Sticks keeps your parakeets’ beaks healthy and excited about snack time. Plus, these treats are triple baked for maximum crunch and come on a natural wood stick for extended chewing. What’s not to love? -Parakeets love the delicious taste and smell of these treats! You won’t be disappointed!

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Triple Baked Crunch Sticks promote bird’s beak health

Vitamin fortified crunchy treat sticks made with millet, seeds, and fruit are an excellent choice for your bird’s daily diet. They also promote proper beak health as they encourage chewing, which is crucial for bird beak health. Treats keep birds mentally stimulated, which helps prevent feather plucking. These treats are a great treat to offer to your bird – they are also delicious!

For your bird’s oral health, make sure they get the proper amount of chewing exercise. Companion birds and small animals are in need of constant chewing. This helps keep their beaks in good shape because their teeth are continuously growing. Keratin is the same material that makes deer antlers and human fingernails. Regular chewing helps wear the beak evenly.

Promote bird’s boredom

Treat sticks for your pet bird are an important part of your bird’s diet. Vitakraft Parakeet Treat Sticks come in three different flavors, each with a unique combination of millet, fruits, and seeds. Treat sticks not only keep your bird entertained but also promote proper chewing, which is essential for its beak health. Additionally, treats keep your bird mentally stimulated and prevent them from plucking their feathers.

Vitamin-enriched Crunch Sticks are another great option. These treats are made from 100% natural ingredients and offer long-lasting chewing fun. Unlike dry, boring treats, Crunch Sticks also provide stimulation to prevent boredom and promote beak health. These treat sticks are available in three flavors: mango, banana, and strawberry. For best results, choose one flavor per day and give your pet bird a handful of each flavor every day.

Vitakraft Fresh Super Fruits are made with springs of millet, a cereal grain that birds naturally eat. The sticks provide low-fat, natural ingredients and prevent feather plucking. They can also be clipped onto bird cages. A variety of fruits and vegetables are included, such as bananas and peanuts. In addition, Vitakraft Fresh Super Fruits contain peanuts, pineapples, carrots, and red peppers.

Promote bird’s beak health

Choosing treats with vitamin-fortified ingredients is important for your birds’ health. Treat sticks made with millet, seeds, and fruits promote chewing which is essential for bird beak health. Additionally, chewing keeps birds mentally stimulated and helps them avoid feather plucking. Vitamin supplements are also included in the treats. Ultimately, these treat sticks can help your birds remain healthy and happy.