Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

chicken jerky dog treats

Dogs love their food and if you are looking for a healthy treat for your dog, consider chicken jerky treats. These treats are long-lasting, low-fat, and contain no high-calorie ingredients. Plus, they are low in antibiotic residues, which helps your dog maintain health and avoid disease.

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Low-level antibiotic residues

There has been a steady stream of reports of low-level antibiotic residues in chicken jerky dog treats. Some of the more popular brands have been recalled, including Cadet and Milo’s Kitchen products.

The FDA is investigating a potential link between jerky treats and pet illnesses, especially kidney and urinary disease. This comes after hundreds of pets fell ill and several owners reported their animals were dying after eating the treats.

The FDA has notified pet owners and veterinarians to stop feeding their dogs jerky treats. Several retailers have removed products from stores. In January, Nestle Purina voluntarily pulled some products from the market. However, the number of complaints has slowed since the January recall.

A new study by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets revealed that some chicken jerky dog treats may be contaminated with unapproved antibiotics. The antibiotics included sulfaquinoxaline, tilmicosin, enrofloxacin and tilmicosin.

FDA officials said that the sulfaquinoxaline was high enough that it was not linked to any known illness, but they do believe the antibiotics found could have been responsible for some of the sickening. According to the report, the majority of complaints involve cats and dogs, but some people have also complained of gastrointestinal problems.

Long-lasting chewable treat

If you’re looking for a long-lasting chewable dog treat, then you should try out the BLUE Nudges Jerky Bones. They are made with a savory jerky wrapped around a durable core of real protein.

These treats help clean your dog’s teeth, keep its gums healthy, and remove plaque from the surface of the jaw. The best part is that the chews are made of 100% natural ingredients.

The chicken jerky for dogs is made from thin strips of chicken that are baked to a crisp. This allows the chews to stay in shape while your dog gnaws away.

Some of the best jerky dog treats are grain free. These products include chicken, turkey, and duck. Those with meat and vegetable blends are also a great option for your dog.

Aside from keeping your dog’s teeth clean, the long-lasting chewable dog treat is a good training tool. It can reduce stress and keep your dog busy when guests visit.

Symptoms of illness

Symptoms of illness when eating chicken jerky dog treats can include diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite and increased urination. Typically, these signs start to develop a few hours after the animal consumes the treat. If the symptoms continue, the pet may become extremely ill. The disease can affect the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and liver. It can also lead to kidney failure and pancreatitis.

A few years ago, the FDA reported more than 1,500 complaints of illnesses related to jerky pet treats. However, the number of reports slowed down between May and September. Currently, the agency has received more than 530 consumer complaints and more than 87 dogs have been tested.

The FDA has a Pet Food Complaint Portal where owners can report pet food-related problems. In addition, the agency links to State Consumer Complaint Coordinators and the Easy Reporting Portal.

As of December 31, the FDA has conducted necropsies on 87 dogs suspected of suffering from jerky pet treat-related illness. Of these, 42 dogs died, with the cause of death not clearly identified.

Health benefits for overweight dogs

Chicken jerky dog treats are a great way to keep your pet’s weight in check. These tasty snacks are full of protein and fiber. They also contain Omega-6 fatty acids, which help protect the skin of your canine friend.

Chicken jerky for dogs is made from chicken breast, which provides high quality proteins that are low in calories. The meat also contains moderate amounts of vitamins and minerals.

For example, chicken is rich in selenium, which is an important mineral for maintaining a healthy immune system. It’s also a great source of phosphorous, which is vital for bone health.

Glucosamine, another protein, is a building block for healthy cartilage. This helps to build strong bones in your dog.

Another benefit of chicken jerky for dogs is that it can prevent tartar from building up on your dog’s teeth. Chewing on a piece of leathery meat will remove plaque and leave your pet’s mouth smelling fresher.

If you want to keep your canine companion fit, then you’ll need to provide him with a balanced diet and lots of exercise. Not only does obesity increase the risk of many health conditions, but it also poses serious choking hazards.