Choosing a Cattle Cube Feeder For Pickup

cattle cube feeder for pickup

You can purchase a cube feeder or a cake feeder for your truck or UTV for feeding your cattle. Learn about the benefits of using a cube feeder in your operation and how to choose the right feeder for your needs. Here are some examples of cube feeders that will work for you:

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Cube feeder

A cattle cube feeder for pickup offers a number of benefits, including reduced labor costs, a larger feeding area, and the ability to use any size cubes or alfalfa hay. A typical model holds three thousand pounds of 3/4 inch cubes, and its side sheets are constructed of 16 or 12-gauge steel. A 1/4-HP motor provides enough power to drive the auger. A 4-inch chain-driven auger offers adequate stability and is under a typical bed capacity of 1000 lbs.

A pickup-mounted feeder is also known as a cake or cube feeder. These feeders can typically hold one to two tons of feed, but can be found in capacities as low as seven hundred pounds. Some manufacturers also offer smaller models designed for use with UTVs or ATVs. They work by using electric motors or augers to dispensing feed automatically. Some models even feature digital counters. This makes it easy to determine the amount of feed a given animal is eating.

UTV cube/cake feeder

If you have a side-by-side utility vehicle, a UTV cattle cube/cake feeder is an excellent choice. These feeders are similar to pickup truck models, but they are much smaller. They have the same features as truck-based feeders, including a 4-inch chain driven auger and heavy gauge steel side sheets. Each unit has a 2 inch ball hitch and a bulldog jack for securing the feeder in place. Depending on the size of your truck, you can choose to permanently mount the feeder to the vehicle or install it on a counter.

A basic kit includes a Stull Feeder for pickups, a 400-pound capacity for calves, and 2-60 inch struts to mount the feeder. These kits come with mounting hardware, instructions, and mounting plates. A basic kit is available for Mule, Gator, Cub Cade, Bobcat, Trek, and other similar-type beds. When deciding which model to purchase, look for the model that best suits your needs.

Truck-mounted cube/cake feeder

This versatile truck-mounted feeder will allow you to safely feed livestock from the comfort of your pickup. Featuring a large 16 x 33-inch bin, it is easy to feed cattle and other livestock without leaving the vehicle. The spring-loaded dispensing gate will allow you to feed livestock without getting out of the cab. You’ll find it easy to fill the feeder with the food you need, too.

These feeders can handle pellets, wafers, and range cake with ease. A 4″ auger helps prevent wasteful cubes from being wasted. These feeders are available in both standard and heavy-duty styles. To avoid rusting, welder’s feeders are made with durable steel and include a 12-volt motor. All trucks come complete and ready to install. You can read customer reviews of the truck feeders online or visit local dealers for the best prices.

Benefits of using a cube feeder

Using a cattle cube feeder for pickup is an efficient and convenient way to supplement your livestock’s diet. A cube-shaped feeder can help you feed your cattle a higher-quality diet by supplying them with a high-quality mix of protein, energy, and other essential nutrients. Because of their high-protein content, cubes are ideal for cattle on a limited-grain diet, where the cattle’s dietary requirements are often met through other sources.

A cattle cube feeder makes it easy to feed pasture animals in your pickup cab. Its large bin measures 16 inches by 33 inches and includes a spring-loaded dispensing gate. With its unique design, the feeder fits snugly into your pickup cab. It is made of sturdy 18-gauge steel and features a 16-inch x 33-inch fill opening. Its durable and versatile design allows you to feed your livestock safely and easily.