Types of Cattle Cake Feeders

cattle cake feeder

There are several types of cattle cake feeders. The best one will depend on the amount of feed your herd needs. For example, you may choose Rangeland Cake or BeefCake. In addition, there are also the Patriot Cake Feeder and Hastings Kattle Kaker Range Cube Feeder.

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Rangeland Cake

Rangeland cattle cake feeder is a high-energy, high-quality cattle feed that provides an optimal balance of protein, energy and minerals. This feed is a good choice during times when forage supply is inadequate or quality is low. This feed also helps cattle digest forage more effectively, which increases production efficiency.

This versatile feeder is easy to feed from the vehicle or a trailer. Its large bin measures 16 x 33 inches and features a spring-loaded dispensing gate. The feeding chute and the dispenser allows for safe and convenient feeding. This feeder features a large feeding opening and dispensing gate for easy access from the cab or trailer.

When the weather turns cold and snow begins to pile up, cows can become buried or trapped in the snow. It’s difficult to get cattle to a shelter or feed in these conditions. The snow also makes winter range difficult to navigate. For these reasons, many ranchers choose to place a cake feeder or bin overhead on the pickup. This way, when it’s time to feed the cattle, it can be easily dumped into the stream. Some feeders mount over the side of the pickup while others mount on the flatbed.


A cattle cake feeder is a convenient tool for feeding your cattle. It is adjustable and makes feeding easy. It is also weather-tight, has a chain-driven twin six-inch auger system, and is easy to use from the ground. Its design makes it easy to feed cattle in either piles or in a line, depending on your preference.

Cattle cake is a protein-rich feed that can be fed every day or doubled for a more concentrated supplement. Most producers feed 2 pounds of cake per head a day, but some feed as much as four pounds. It also has a low cost and can help reduce the amount of hay needed for the winter. In addition, cattle cake can be useful during drought conditions, a time when most hay is unavailable or of low quality.

Patriot Cake Feeder

The Patriot Cattle Cake Feeder provides uniform dispersion of cake and other feeds to cattle. This truck-mounted feed mill has a remote start so you can start the feeding process from the cab. It can handle a large amount of feed. It can feed cattle in piles or in a line.

Hastings Kattle Kaker Range Cube Feeder

The Hastings Kattle Kaker Range Cub Feeder is a versatile feed trough for feeding pasture livestock right from the cab of a pickup. It features a large, 16″ x 33″ bin and a spring-loaded dispensing gate. The trough is made of sturdy 18 gauge galvanized steel, and it can be operated from the driver’s seat.

The Hastings Kattle Kaker Range Cub Feeder features a 500-pound capacity and is built into a semi-portable frame. It comes with a one-year warranty. It comes with a rope and pulley system for easy loading and unloading, and comes fully assembled.

Farmers Ranchers Cooperative

A cattle cake feeder is a good option for many ranchers. It can provide supplemental nutrition to beef cattle. This product is available in 50-pound bags and is a 14% protein, textured feed. It can be fed to all stages of beef cattle, and can be supplemented with forages. Several types of cake feeders are available. Each type is used for different purposes. The main difference between the three types is the amount of protein per serving.