Choosing a Fence Line Feeder For Cattle

fence line feeder for cattle

There are many reasons to choose a fence line feeder for your cattle. Whether you’re feeding square bales of hay, loose hay, or silage, these feeders can handle the task. They’re made of 2″ round high tensile steel tubing. They come in ten or twelve foot lengths. Read on to find out more. To maximize the effectiveness of your feeder, you can purchase multiple fence line feeder panels.

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Hi-Hog offers four styles of fence line feeders

The multi-bale feeder comes in two different styles: tombstone and slant-bar. Unlike the tombstone feeder, the slant-bar feeder allows horned animals better access to the feed. The tombstone feeder panel also offers multiple feeding positions and is made of 14-gauge, one-inch OD steel. It is ideal for feeding bison, horses, and other horned livestock.

The livestock panels come in a variety of styles, including the traditional bow gate. Hi-Hog also offers a range of overhead frames with built-in gates, which are ideal for high-pressure paddock settings or bison corrals. In addition to the traditional bow gate, the U-frame also makes a good alternative. These gates are available in heights of eight feet and twenty-four inches, depending on the size of your pasture.

Slantbar feeder panels

Slantbar fence line feeder panels are available in six-, eight-, ten and twelve-foot lengths. They also feature 18-inch-high hay-saving skirts. The feeder panels can be used as fence line feeders, stand-alone pasture feeders, or hay feeding stations. Each panel is constructed with heavy-duty 16-gauge steel, 14-gauge vertical posts, and 10 or 12-inch slant bars. They stand 60″ tall and feature 10-inch feeder openings.

Large animal range panels provide a secure enclosure for livestock. Made of oval steel pipe, they are stronger and more durable than round pipe. All horizontal and vertical connections are welded and notched for extra strength. The bottom rails are closer together to keep small animals in, while the square tops have rubber stops for safety. These panels are ideal for cattle containment, and the eight-foot-tall height provides six feeding positions.

Tombstone feeder panels

When a cattle producer needs to feed round bales, the Tombstone fence line feeder panels are an ideal solution. While they’re not designed for large rectangular bales, they still do an excellent job of separating the hay. This style is typically made of two ten foot panels pinned together. The panels are easy to feed from as the hay falls into the panel. And with the wide mouth, they’re also easy to remove for cleaning.

Hi-Hog has several types of fence line feeder panels for cattle. The three main types are the hurricane, slant-bar, and tombstone. The tombstone feeder panel is the preferred type for feeding horned animals. It’s important to secure the panel to pasture posts. These panels have 1-1/2-inch-diameter OD, 14-gauge tubing. And they have multiple feeding positions for a variety of different animals.

Slantbar feeder panels with hay saver

Slantbar fence line feeder panels are great for feeding loose hay or silage to your cattle. The S-bar openings prevent calves from entering. Slantbar fence line feeder panels are available in two different styles: tombstone and hurricane. Both are made of two-inch-diameter, 14-gauge steel tubing. These panels are available in 12′ and 16′ lengths, and are available in green only. They can only be ordered Special Order.

Slantbar fence line feeder panels are available in six, eight, and ten-foot lengths and feature an 18-inch-high hay-saving skirt. They are designed to connect with common connector systems, allowing for multiple feeding positions. They are sturdy, durable, and are easy to install with the use of drop-pins. And because they have a common connector system, they can be connected easily.

Klene Pipe’s model BK-6 cattle feeder

When you need a livestock feeder, look no further than Klene Pipe Structures. Klene Pipe makes a variety of cattle feeders to meet your needs and budget. They ship products to any location in the lower 48 states and are guaranteed to last for 20 years. Not only will your cattle stay healthy, but you will also save money on feed and replacement parts. Here’s how it works:

The Klene Pipe model BK-6 cattle feeder is designed to feed large bales of hay inside your fence line. This feeder is designed to minimize waste, and is compatible with all fence styles. The unit is designed to be easy to use and can be connected to as many 6′ sections as you need. It also has heavy angles to attach the roof post. This feed feeder saves a lot of time and hay.