Which Cattle Fence Feeder is Right For You?

Which Cattle Fence Feeder is Right For YouThere are several kinds of cattle fence feeders on the market today. We’ll look at the Klene Pipe model BK-6, Tarter’s large cattle fence feeder panels, and DewEze’s BeefCake Cake Feeder. You may also want to check out DewEze’s Tombstone Feeder. All of these products have some nice features, but which one is right for you? Read on to find out!

Klene Pipe’s model BK-6

The BK-6 cattle fence feeder is designed to feed large bales of hay within a fence line while minimizing waste. Its six foot diameter can easily connect to as many 6′ sections as needed and is compatible with any type of feed. This feeder has a long life, allowing you to feed your cattle for years without replacing hay or adding more equipment. It’s also easy to install, saves time and money, and works on all fence types.

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Tarter’s large cattle fence feeder panels

Designed specifically for square-bales and loose hay, Tarter’s large cattle fence feeder panels are ideal for feeding cattle in a shed or barn. These panels feature S-bar openings that keep calves from snatching the feed. Made of durable 2″ round high-tensile steel tubing, these panels are available in 12′ and 16′ lengths. They are not available in galvanized finishes.

The ten-wire economy stock panel is lightweight and sturdy. This fence feeder panel stands 50 inches tall and is 16 feet long. The 10-wire panel is welded with continuous saddle joints and has a 36-pound weight capacity. Each panel has 10 horizontal wires. The ten-wire stock panel is a versatile and affordable option for light confinement. The panel can also be attached to wooden posts or deck railing.

DewEze’s BeefCake Cake Feeder

A cake fence feeder has arrived in the market thanks to DewEze, a company with a long history in hay handling. Unlike other feeders, the BeefCake is capable of feeding either in a line or piles. It has a chain-driven, twin six-inch auger system and a lid that seals out dirt and moisture. It is built to last and features the quality and durability that DewEze is known for. BeefCake comes in three different sizes – small, medium, and large.

If you are a rancher and you are looking for an affordable and reliable cake fence feeder, look no further than DewEze’s BeefCcake. This 2,000-lb. cake feeder is a reliable, easy-to-use option that eliminates the problem of bridging. It comes with a corded hand control and a revolution counter, making it easy to operate while wearing gloves. The BeefCake is available in hydraulic and electric models and offers decades of durability.

Tombstone Feeder

If you are looking for a fence feeder that will accommodate large livestock, you need to consider the Tombstone feeder. This type of cattle feeder is designed to keep hay bales and other feed from falling out. Unlike some feeders, this one can accommodate large animals while saving up to six to eight percent of the bale. The feeder’s hooped uprights slope inwards to resist the pressure of large animals, and its sturdy construction includes 9 heavy duty mud legs.

Tombstone feed panels are available in four styles. Hi Qual’s Tombstone feed panel has one inch OD, 14-gauge bars for easy feeding and has multiple positions. Its payback period is four months. The feeder will keep hay in the barn and not spill over onto the floor. In addition, this feeder panel can be used for feeding horses and cattle. The Tombstone fence feeder can be used for any type of livestock, including horses.