Choosing Good Dog Food For Pitbulls

good dog food for pitbulls

Pitbulls are large dogs who require high-quality ingredients in order to stay at a healthy weight and fuel their active lifestyles. Look for food that prioritizes protein over carbohydrates and avoids fillers such as corn and cheap grains.

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This grain-free dog food features roasted venison and bison combined with USDA-approved animal proteins and air-dried fruits and vegetables for an allergen-free food option. Choline helps improve nervous system communication and break down fat for energy, helping your pup stay happy and healthy!


Dry Kibble

Pit Bulls should opt for a dry kibble diet as it’s easy to store and provides ample energy and nutrition. Protein-rich food will build muscle mass while supporting their active lifestyle.

Taste of the Wild grain-free dog food will provide your pup with essential nutrition to support healthy and strong living. Their recipes are free from wheat, corn and soy – as well as common allergens – making their recipes easily digestible and nutritional. Sweet potatoes and peas are among their ingredients used.

We Feed Raw is another limited-ingredient pet food option. They specialize in creating tailored meal plans based on your dog’s age, weight, allergies and health needs; and all their formulas are completely free from chicken, beef, lamb, turkey and fish as well as gluten, grain corn soy and artificial ingredients; additionally they come with added glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support and taurine for cardiovascular wellness.

Wet Food

Wet food can be an ideal option for pitbulls as it offers more variety than its dry counterpart and can add excitement to mealtimes. Furthermore, using a slow feeder may help slow down their eating process further.

Since this breed loves building muscle, select wet food with plenty of protein sourced from natural sources such as fish, lamb or deboned chicken. Furthermore, look for food rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for optimal results.

Keep a healthy dog diet by including nutritious ingredients like carrots rich in beta-carotene, berries high in antioxidants and flaxseed oil or fish oil which contain omega fatty acids. By including fruits and vegetables in their daily food routines, your pup can ensure they receive all the vitamins and minerals they require as well as digestion aid and improve skin and coat conditions.

Raw Diets

Raw diets are an ideal solution for Pit Bulls as they provide all of their necessary nutrition without losing any of its benefits through cooking. In addition, this form of food digestion is easier than traditional kibble.

Homemade raw diets can be an ideal option for pet parents who have the time and freezer space necessary to create meals from scratch for their Pit Bull, though many breeds may experience food intolerances that exacerbate certain ingredients – these pets may require special supplements in order to manage these issues effectively.

Wellness CORE offers raw food delivery right to your door, such as their high-protein puppy recipe free from chicken products, corn, wheat and soy, designed with carefully chosen ingredients such as DHA, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids as well as antioxidants – perfect for new puppy owners!


As with any animal, pit bulls require high-quality protein in order to build muscle and fuel their energy. When selecting foods featuring meat as the first ingredient, supplement with vegetable and fruit sources like spinach, broccoli, carrots, squash or blueberries as supplements; additionally, Choline plays an essential role in improving nervous system communication as it breaks down fat for energy use.

If your pet suffers from allergies, consider switching to food with minimal ingredients that don’t include corn, wheat, soy or fillers; this way, the focus can remain on avoiding triggers that might exacerbate symptoms and avoid unnecessary health risks.

Wellness Complete Healthy Weight is an ideal solution, with lower calories so your pup can still enjoy delicious meaty flavors without packing on extra weight. Made with real, whole meat and featuring an effective combination of grains, fruits and vegetables to maintain optimal snout-to-tail health for older dogs’ immune systems. Plus this recipe comes enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin as well as omega fatty acids, probiotics and taurine for added immune system support!