Purina ONE SmartBlend Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food Review

purina one smartblend puppy

Purina ONE provides your large breed puppy with all the nourishment he needs for an ideal start in life, including easily digestible rice and real chicken as top ingredients, along with natural sources of glucosamine for healthy joints.

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Purina Pet Experts have designed this recipe with USA-sourced and produced ingredients, providing 100% complete and balanced nutrition without needing additional supplements unless directed by your veterinarian.


Natural Large Breed Puppy Formula

Get your large breed puppy off on the right paw with a high protein, easily digestible diet. This SmartBlend recipe features tender meaty morsels made with real chicken as the first ingredient and easily digestible rice as the second. A natural source of glucosamine supports his growing joints while the Dual Defense antioxidant blend offers vitamins E and A for strong immunity health and radiant coats.

Purina One formulas do not contain poultry by-products or fillers; each ingredient serves a purpose in this food.

Purina One Large Breed Puppy food offers 26% protein – higher than the government recommendation for adult dogs (18%) – with only 12 percent fat, slightly lower than other Purina One foods; yet still suitable for large breed puppies. When transitioning your puppy over gradually over seven or 10 days to avoid any adverse dietary reactions.

Natural Classic Ground Lamb & Long Grain Rice Entree

Purina One offers various recipes designed for all stages of canine life. Their protein-rich recipes feature all essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health; plus their prices are very reasonable – widely available at pet stores across North America.

PediaPet offers recipes tailored specifically to health conditions such as joint issues. Furthermore, they have large and small breed versions for you to choose from that have all been rigorously tested to meet their nutritional requirements.

This recipe uses real lamb and high-quality ingredients for optimal nutrition, including DHA found in mother’s milk to support vision and brain development, as well as an antioxidant blend for immune system support. Each ingredient serves a specific purpose – beef fat is an excellent source of healthy fat while glycerin helps keep moisture content consistent throughout food products.

Natural Chicken & Rice Formula

Purina ONE SmartBlend Healthy Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food is an exceptional kibble formula packed with premium proteins sourced from natural chicken. Additionally, this food offers both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to enhance skin and coat health.

Purina dog experts and nutritionists collaborated in creating this food, with results that make a real difference to your pet’s life – from bright eyes to radiant coat, it shows its positive influence.

This recipe includes various kibble shapes to bring more excitement to mealtime, while its high protein content helps develop strong muscles. Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin nourish healthy joints while the dual defense antioxidant blend and minerals zinc and selenium work together to support immune health as well as overall body wellness. With no fillers included – all ingredients come directly from USA sources processed at Purina technical facilities!

Natural Lamb & Rice Adult Formula

Your dog deserves only the finest nutrition, from natural ingredients that nourish his entire being to his delicious meals made with real lamb as the main ingredient to help build strong muscles including heart health. Also included is a dual defense antioxidant blend of vitamins A and E plus zinc and selenium minerals to support immune health as well as omega-6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health and natural sources of glucosamine to support hip and joint wellbeing. This 100% complete and balanced food will bring out his best!

Start puppies on moistened Purina ONE as soon as they begin nibbling solid foods, usually 3-4 weeks of age. Adjust to your dog’s specific weight, activity level and whether or not he or she is spayed/neutered before feeding daily amounts as recommended by Purina ONE. Keep an eye on their weight on an ongoing basis to make sure their ribs can easily be felt beneath their fur, while their waistline can be easily seen when seen from above.