Coles Wild Bird Seed

coles wild bird seed

There are many benefits to giving your backyard birds a steady diet of Coles Wild Bird Seed. Pure sunflower has almost no shell, and it provides more feed per pound than other varieties. It also has no messy hulls. The following are some other benefits of using pure sunflower. Read on to learn more about these and other great bird-friendly foods. We hope this information has helped you make an informed decision about the seed you’re giving your backyard birds.

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Milo is a type of grain that can be attractive to birds, but it is unsuitable for smaller birds. When choosing a wild bird seed blend, consider the species of birds that will enjoy your offering, and keep in mind that the amount of milo that you offer should be kept to a minimum. If you do offer milo, be aware that it may attract bully birds that may displace smaller birds. Likewise, mice can find their way into bird feeders if leftover milo is left out.

If you’re looking for an interesting mix for your birds, milo is a great choice. This bulky seed can make up 40-50% of your favorite mix. Milo is a grass grain that has many uses, including in animal feed. It comes in two varieties, red and black. Red milo is usually more affordable and more plentiful. In addition, milo is high in iron and fiber, and contains trace amounts of calcium and magnesium. Providing milo seed to your backyard birds will allow you to save money while still providing a quality meal for your birds.


Choosing the right sorghum for your flock is critical. Cole’s Bird Seed is an excellent choice because it is a high-quality product. While other companies also make wild bird seed, their offerings are usually low-quality filler seeds or crop remnants that end up being tossed aside by birds. You may even find milo, a low-fat filler seed, in your favorite brand. However, most birds simply don’t eat milo. This low-quality filler seed is often overlooked as an ingredient in bird food mixes and ends up in the ground as weed seed.

You can purchase many varieties of sorghum for coles wild bird seed, but only a few varieties of sorghum are appropriate for mushroom cultivation. In addition, you’ll want to avoid sunflower seeds as they tend to be easily removed by birds. You’ll also want to watch for mold and bacteria in sorghum seeds. Fortunately, sorghum is a natural choice for feeding birds.


If you’re looking for a great wild bird food, try Coles. This brand of bird food contains sunflower as its primary ingredient. It is available in a 20-pound container with packaging type bagged. Sunflower is a favorite among cardinals, wrens, jays, and other species. Sunflower seeds have a soft shell and high oil content, making them a great choice year-round.

This brand of wild bird seed includes both large and small seeds. Sunflower seeds attract a range of birds, including finches, sparrows, and grosbeaks. Some types of bird seed are also more suited for certain regions. For instance, black oil sunflower seed is great for cold climates since its high oil content provides warmth to birds. However, be sure not to put too much in one area, or it will end up spoiling quickly.


The main difference between canola and rapeseed is their nutritional content. Rapeseed contains more fat, while canola has a higher content of carbohydrates. While canary seed is a popular seed for sparrows, it also attracts finches, quail, and juncos. Rapeseed contains more zinc, copper, and magnesium than canola, which makes it a good choice for all-around consumption.

Rapeseed is best suited for feeding sparrows and other migrant birds. Its thin shell helps birds crack it is easy to place in a platform or hopper bird feeder. Rapeseed is also good for backyard birds. Rapeseed can be stored for several years if it is stored properly. Rapeseed is also available in a variety of varieties.

White millet

Cole’s White Millet Bird Seeds are all-natural and contain no unwanted fillers. They are tannish brown with yellow hulls. This pure white millet seed is a favorite of cardinals, juncos, and migratory sparrows. Because millet attracts so many species, it’s best to scatter the seeds near cover or on low platform feeders.

This bird seed has a hull, containing fiber and other nutrients that are important to the body’s digestion. The seed’s hull is a small, yellow speck with dark dots at the side of the seed where the stem was previously attached. The hulled seeds are the best type to feed backyard birds. Look for seeds that have a hulled shell, as they contain the highest fiber and protein content of any seed.


If you’re looking for a great canary seed, Coles has you covered. This seed is a high-quality blend that contains no fillers or synthetic additives. In fact, many commercial mixes are filled with fillers and are not nutritious for the birds. In Coles, you’ll find the highest quality seed ingredients, which help promote the health of backyard birds. Read on for some of our tips for finding the best canary seed.

Canary seed is high in carbohydrates, and lower in protein, making it a great option for ground-feeding birds like sparrows and house sparrows. Rapeseed attracts juncos, finches, doves, and quails. Peanuts contain copper and magnesium, which attract woodpeckers, blue jays, and chickadees. While these bird feeder seeds are high in protein and essential nutrients, they may not be suited for all birds.