How to Shop For the Best Wild Bird Seed Prices

wild bird seed prices

You can get wild bird seed for your yard for a variety of reasons. If you want to attract more birds to your yard, you can plant sunflower, safflower, and black oil sunflower seeds. But before you begin planting, you should know how to shop for the right price. The following are tips to keep in mind when shopping for wild bird seed. You may find it helpful to focus on the best blends and seeds instead of fillers.

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Cost of wild bird seed

There are several options for feeding birds in your backyard. Sunflower seeds are a good choice as they are shellless and attract a broad variety of birds. However, these types of seeds can be more expensive. Sunflower chips are another great option for feeding birds because they do not have shells. They also are great for backyard bird feeders near a deck or balcony. If you’re worried about the cost of wild bird seed, you can always make your own.

The cost of feeding small birds can be prohibitive for a family, but you can cut costs by purchasing in bulk or using coupons. Remember to choose the best bird food for the environment and the season. Never buy seeds from companies that use toxic chemicals. There are other alternatives for feeding your birds, including using leftover food from your kitchen. In addition, be sure to clean your feeders often. To prevent bird seed from rotting and becoming unappealing, you should keep the area clean.

Cost of sunflower seeds

The most important feature of your bird feeder is the type of sunflower seed you offer. While black oil sunflower seeds are the most popular choice for feeders, you can also offer other varieties to attract different species. Black oil sunflower seeds contain double the energy per pound of striped seeds, and they are much smaller and easier for birds to crack open. If you plan to purchase sunflower seed for your wild birds, it is best to look for products with a high energy content, such as gourmet extra clean sunflower seeds. Morning Song Black Oil Sunflower Seed is a great brand of wild bird food. Available in 5lb, 20lb, and 50lb bags, Gourmet extra clean sunflower seeds attract a wide variety of songbirds and are manufactured in the USA.

The price of black oil sunflower seed can be a bit higher than the price of other types of wild bird seed, but it can last a long time for your bird feeder. You can also buy black oil sunflower seed at Morning Song for a bargain. A great bird feeder for black oil sunflower seed is the Stokes Select Sunflower Seed Screen Feeder, which holds 6 quarts of black oil sunflower seed. It has a powder-coated finish to prevent chipping, and has drainage holes.

Cost of safflower seeds

For the wild bird lover who does not want to spend a fortune, Wagner’s 50 lb. Safflower seeds are a wonderful alternative to regular bird seed. Safflower seed is not only delicious to colorful songbirds, but also discourages feeder hogs and starlings. This seed is not palatable for squirrels, so mix it in with other seeds to attract a diverse flock.

This type of seed is not always preferred by birds and can take some time to be accepted by them. However, a variety of birds enjoy safflower seeds, and are a great source of protein, fat, and fiber. They are also attractive to many species of backyard birds, including chickadees. While the price is high, the benefits are worth it! Safflower seed is a great alternative to other types of bird feed, but if you have no choice, try using a variety of seed varieties.

Cost of black oil sunflower seeds

Almost all species of birds enjoy eating black oil sunflower seeds, including finches, goldfinches, sparrows, grosbeaks, and buntings. Unlike larger sunflower seeds, the hulls of black oil sunflower seeds are very soft and easy for birds to crack open. Nuthatches and chickadees will feed on them one by one, while cardinals and buntings like to snack on them on branches.

While most birds prefer black oil sunflower seeds, the striped varieties are also a popular choice for many people. Despite their large size, striped sunflower seeds are also safe for human consumption. Both kinds of sunflower seeds come from the same plant. Selected breeding has resulted in many varieties, with some sunflowers producing a large amount and others not. No matter the type of seed, however, the plants are grown the same way and contain the same nutrients.

Cost of nyjer seed

This type of wild bird seed is a favorite of a wide variety of backyard bird species, including sparrows, finches, doves, quail, and buntings. While these species are most often attracted to Nyjer, you might also find unexpected visitors at your Nyjer seed feeders. Some woodpeckers have been observed nibbling on thistle seed. Here are some tips for attracting these feathered guests to your backyard bird feeder.

While the Nyjer seed is considered a specialty food, its high-oil content makes it a highly nutritious source of energy for backyard birds. As such, it is quite costly compared to other kinds of birdseed. Backyard birders typically offer it in small amounts and use specialized feeders to attract these birds. Thistle/Nyjer seed is usually packaged in clear plastic bags in increments of 10 pounds. Customers can specify the weight of the seed when checking out.

Cost of mealworms

Mealworms are inexpensive and easy to raise, and their diets are low in nutrition. The typical substrate used for mealworms is oat bran or wheat. Scientists at Stanford University are trying to develop mealworms that can survive on polystyrene, which has been used to make plastic. This method can be used as a source of food for birds, but it isn’t yet commercially available.

Feeding mealworms to birds can be costly, but the costs are easily manageable. The easiest way to attract more birds to your feeder is to purchase live mealworms. However, this is also time-consuming, and they can become unattractive over time. To make dried mealworms more appealing to birds, soak them in lukewarm water for a few days. After that, they will begin to eat them.