Diamond Maintenance Dog Food Review

diamond maintenance dog food

Diamond Naturals adult dog food is a premium formula designed to meet the nutritional needs of moderately active dogs, featuring optimal levels of proteins and fats as well as antioxidants and guaranteed probiotics for digestive support.

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Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter founded their company in 1970 on the belief that quality pet food didn’t need to be costly. Now their facility in Meta, Missouri produces over a dozen types of dog and cat food varieties.


Product Description

Many pet parents opt for this formula for their puppy as it’s easily digestible and provides plenty of essential nutrients, with veterinarians and Dog Food Advisor both highly recommending it. Its first ingredients include cage-free chicken and egg products which meet AAFCO standards with 26% protein content; additional energy-boosting complex carbs include sweet potatoes and lentils as well as probiotics – perfect combination!

Real lamb and beef provide additional protein, with joint-supportive supplements like glucosamine also being provided. With one of the lowest fiber contents among all diamond products, this all-life-stage recipe is ideal for dogs with digestive issues and has guaranteed probiotics as well as chelated minerals for easier absorption, Vitamin E and selenium boosting immunity boosting benefits; its all-life stage formulation makes this food suitable for puppies as well as adult canines alike – as its no wheat or corn formula means most pets may benefit from feeding this food too!


Diamond Pet Foods was established by brother-in-laws Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter in 1970 as one of the premier global pet food manufacturers. Their belief is that high-quality pet food does not need to be expensive; thus they offer their products at cost-effective prices.

This adult dog formula is tailored to meet your pet’s daily nutritional requirements, with carefully balanced levels of protein, fat and essential vitamins and minerals for an ideal body condition. Additionally, this food includes fiber from dried chicory root and beet pulp sources as well as glucosamine supplements that will support strong and flexible joints in your pup.

Chicken and chicken meal are the primary components of this food, providing high-quality proteins for your pup to consume. Furthermore, this food utilizes chelated minerals which chemically attach themselves to proteins to make absorption simpler for your dog’s system – an attractive feature in any dog food product.


Diamond Naturals produces the grain-free version of this food, using more meat and superior ingredients to create a premium pet food at an affordable price. Our Advisor has given this recipe an above-average rating of 4.5 stars, making it ideal for most adult dogs.

As with its non-grain-free counterpart, this food offers quality animal proteins (pasture-raised beef, cage-free chicken and wild-caught fish) mixed with nutritious plant ingredients for all-day energy. Sweet potatoes provide complex carbs while pea products, legumes and flax seed provide fiber and protein. K9 strain probiotics guarantee 80 million CFU/kg of food. Finally, chicken fat offers additional dietary fat while offering more protein than liver or kidneys – providing an ideal alternative to pork fat while still offering less protein compared to real meat sources like its first two ingredients!


The company offers specialty varieties tailored specifically for pets with specific needs or preferences, such as picky eaters, food allergies or sensitivities or those requiring special diets due to illness or age. These recipes may make an excellent option for dogs who may struggle with eating regularly.

The original Diamond range aims to deliver “nutrition that your furbaby deserves at a price you can appreciate.” It offers six formulas designed to meet all energy levels and life stages; many recipes feature chicken by-product meal as the primary ingredient; however, this may cause some concern among pet owners; the company ensures this comes only from US farms.

All formulas are manufactured at cutting-edge facilities that adhere to a comprehensive food safety program, using chelated minerals – which are chemically bound to protein molecules to aid absorption – for easier absorption by dogs. Every recipe also contains K9 Strain probiotics. Furthermore, superfood ingredients like quinoa, blueberries, coconut meat, kale leaves and orange peels can be found within their foods as well.