Dog Toothbrush Treats

dog toothbrush treats

Dental treats for dogs can help your pup reduce plaque and tartar build-up during brushing sessions and also protect them against gum disease.

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Greenies toothbrushes are an increasingly popular option, with their signature green color and bendy shape making them suitable for tartar control and offering four sizes to meet individual needs.



Greenies dental chews for pets provide essential benefits in terms of plaque and tartar reduction, fresh breath improvement and healthier gums. Available in various sizes to match various weight requirements for different breeds of dog, these dental treats contain ingredients such as wheat flour, glycerin and natural poultry flavor as well as roughage derived from apple pulp production as by-product of juice or cider production as roughage; dried potatoes as sources of choline chloride (an essential nutrient for pets).

Greenies’ chewy texture enables them to sink deep into a dog’s teeth, providing mechanical abrasion and cleaning action, helping prevent bacterial growth and plaque buildup that could otherwise lead to gum disease and tooth loss. Furthermore, their low sodium content is beneficial for dogs with kidney or heart conditions, while puppies under six months should not be given Greenies as chewing on them may damage their fragile, small teeth.

Purina Dentalife

These chews feature nine ridges to assist with plaque and tartar removal, along with natural antibacterial ingredients like spirulina and honey that provide preventative care against bad breath or dental disease. However, these products should only be used as preventive care measures, but they may still add value to your dog’s oral hygiene regime.

These triangular treats are specially crafted to penetrate deep between teeth and along the gumline, to keep your pet occupied for hours as it whisks away plaque build-up. Their porous texture contains thousands of air pockets while their chewable design keeps him busy for long periods. Plus, their tasty chicken flavor ensures your pup keeps coming back for more!

This chew snack is intended for adult dogs, and should not be fed as a meal. Calories from this treat should not exceed 10% of your pet’s total daily caloric intake; monitor your dog closely to make sure this treat is chewed adequately before swallowing it.

C.E.T. Veggiedent

These chewable veggie treats from Virbac provide your pet with several advantages for his or her teeth and gums. Their unique Z-shaped design improves grasping while optimizing mechanical cleaning action when chewing to reduce plaque buildup and tartar accumulation. Plus, these treats contain prebiotics to aid gut health and digestion!

These tasty chews feature poultry flavors and bear the VOHC seal of approval for tartar control. Available in multiple sizes, they provide daily nutritional treats while simultaneously freshening breath and eliminating bad odors.

If you notice issues with your dog’s teeth or mouth, it is wise to contact a veterinarian for guidance and advice. They can advise on the most suitable dental chews as well as an oral hygiene routine to improve bad breath and periodontal disease symptoms. Brushing their teeth daily as well as providing chews will help your canine maintain good oral health and may prevent more serious medical conditions like this from developing further. It is therefore crucial that we work hard at maintaining its dental health through brushing its teeth regularly as this will keep bad breath from appearing – something bad breath often indicates; therefore it is crucial that we invest time and energy in keeping upkeep to help maintain good dental health for our dogs by brushing their teeth regularly while providing dental treats or chews!


Clenz-a-dent food additives provide an easy solution for keeping your pet’s teeth clean and breath fresh. Simply sprinkle a dose in their meal once daily – Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed acts naturally to decrease tartar build-up and bad breath while their delicious powder mixes well with both dry and wet foods, providing results within 3-8 weeks.

This water additive and mouth rinse contains RF2, an active ingredient designed to combat biofilm formation, which is the precursor to plaque. Furthermore, this water additive and mouth rinse helps reduce tartar buildup as well as bad breath odor. You can directly administer it into your pet’s mouth or add some to their water bowl for convenient application.

Dental chews are another effective solution for pet owners who don’t have time to brush their pets’ teeth regularly. Dental chews work by clearing away some of the biofilm and plaque that adheres to teeth; most dogs adore these treats! You’ll find different flavors available and some even come equipped with breath freshening properties!