Feathered Friends Wild Bird Seed

Feathered Friends is a premium mix of all-purpose wild bird seed that will attract a diverse range of birds to your yard. The high-energy, protein-rich mix is a good choice for feeding your backyard birds. The black oil sunflower and cracked corn are great for window feeders and attract a variety of ground-feeding species, including cardinals and bob-whites. Available in 20-lb and five-lb bags, it is an economical and convenient way to attract a diverse variety of birds to your property.

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Feathered Friend Shell-less Select wild bird seed contains no shells, creating a low-waste mix for the environment and attracting a variety of birds. This seed is perfect for deck feeders and is a great choice for backyard hopper feeders. The variety of ingredients included in this product makes it ideal for a wide range of backyard birds, including finches, chickadees, and towhees.

Feathered Friend Safflower is an excellent choice for backyard bird feeders because it attracts cardinals and discourages squirrels. It is available in a variety of sizes, including a 20-lb plain bag and a smaller five-lb bag. Whether you want to feed your backyard birds in a window feeder, tube feeders, or hoppers, Feathered Friend Safflower will be a great choice for your backyard.

Regardless of the variety of wild birds you want to attract, you’ll find a seed that will suit your needs. Feathered Friend Cardinal’s Choice is a high-oil mix of seeds designed to attract a variety of different species, from evening grosbeaks to rose-breasted grosbeaks. The blend contains white millet, cracked corn, and peanut hearts. These seeds will attract many birds and also discourage squirrels.

The most popular mix is Feathered Friend Safflower. It is a popular wild bird seed that attracts a wide variety of birds, including cardinals. It also deters squirrels, which can be destructive to your yard. It is available in 20 lbs. and 50 lb. Canto de las Campanas is also a popular choice among woodpeckers and other small hummingbirds.

Feathered friends wild bird seed comes in a variety of varieties and is designed to attract a wide variety of birds. The premium blend is made with high-oil black oil sunflower seeds and safflower seeds. It is ideal for feeding cardinals, rose-breasted grosbeaks and other garden birds. The other popular mix is the Canto de las Campanas.

The most popular Feathered Friend Wild Bird Seed is the black oil blend. This mix is an excellent mix for attracting cardinals and other birds. This mixture also discourages squirrels from stealing food from your bird feeder. A mixture of these seeds will attract the birds you want to attract. This blend is great for hopper feeders. It has a variety of ingredients that attract all kinds of birds.

The Feathered Friend Sunflower Hearts wild bird seed is another popular blend. Its seeds are high in energy and protein and will attract a wide variety of birds to your yard. This blend is available in 20 lb. bags. It is also available in a smaller 5lb bag. A good mix of sunflower seed will attract birds that aren’t picky. You can even buy a mix that contains all of the different types of seeds.

The Feathered Friend Cardinal’s Choice wild bird seed contains a variety of sunflower seeds, peanuts, and a mixture of white millet and black oil sunflower seeds. It also attracts woodpeckers and evening grosbeaks. This mixture is suitable for backyard birdfeeding in a garden or in a backyard. You’ll find a variety of species in your yard.

Feathered Friend Finch Delight is the best wild bird seed to feed your house finches. This unique blend of smaller seeds is a great choice for attracting gold, purple, and house finches. It contains canary, nyjer, and canary seeds. Hence, it attracts a wide range of species. It’s a great option for winterizing your garden.