Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Freeze dried dog treats are manufactured using an innovative preservation process and are popular among pet parents who want their pup to eat raw diet without the hassle of purchasing, preparing and storing fresh raw meat.

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Freeze-drying reduces food waste while protecting ingredients from becoming moldy, making the treats shelf stable and easier to store.


High-Quality Ingredients

Freeze-dried dog treats are usually composed of high-grade ingredients and offer an ideal alternative to commercial treats that contain harmful chemicals and preservatives. Furthermore, most contain protein-rich treats to aid with allergies, skin sensitivities, or digestive issues in pets.

Ingredients are frozen at very low temperatures to preserve their nutrients, before moisture is extracted by sublimation, creating an extremely light and crispy texture that dogs love. The end product resembles traditional kibble in appearance but is easier for dogs to chew through!

When purchasing freeze dried treats for your dog, always read and analyze the ingredient list. Your pup might prefer salmon, beef, or rabbit; one option to consider would be Mini-PureBites Freeze Dried Beef Liver from USA made only of pure beef liver without added fillers or sweeteners.

No Chemical Preservatives

Freeze drying naturally extends the shelf life of foods and treats without needing preservatives derived from chemicals, protecting them against water-born pathogens that breed. Additionally, this also shields them against any bad bacteria which might exist within.

Dog parents appreciate freeze dried treats because of their natural, high quality ingredients without artificial additives, flavors or fillers. These natural treats offer a healthy alternative to processed junk food while making great training rewards for dogs.

The best freeze dried treats for dogs are composed of only one ingredient – like high-grade meats like beef or chicken – with no additional sweeteners, preservatives or calories added – making them an ideal solution for overweight canines.

Freeze-dried treats are lightweight and require no refrigeration, making them the perfect on-the-go treat. Most varieties can also be broken into bite-size pieces for easier training and chewing. In addition, their crunchy texture makes these snacks convenient and delicious on-the-go treats for dogs! Plus they save space!

Long Shelf Life

Freeze-dried dog treats offer longer shelf lives than raw foods, making them convenient and useful for pet parents looking to provide their animals with both types of nutrition. This is especially useful for feeding raw and convenient diets to their animals.

Freeze-drying removes most of the moisture from food, reducing weight and making it less likely to spoil. As a result, this method ensures long shelf lives so it can safely remain stored at home for weeks or months without losing its nutritional value.

Many brands recommend rehydrating the food before feeding it, although some brands can be used directly as is. If you decide to rehydrate it, add water or bone broth as necessary; some dogs enjoy the crunchy freeze-dried variety while others may prefer soft, rehydrated options.

As freeze-drying doesn’t cook the ingredients, there is an increased risk of bacteria contamination (including salmonella, E. coli and Listeria) than when cooking foods and treats are prepared in this way. To mitigate this risk, top manufacturers use HPP (high pressure pasteurization) before freeze drying their products and treats.

Easy to Store

Freeze-dried treats don’t require refrigeration and can keep for quite some time once opened. This process uses freezing and sublimation (a chemical change) to extract moisture, creating an all-natural way of preserving food with tasty treats that retain their vitamins while offering crunchiness.

Most freeze-dried treats contain raw ingredients specifically tailored to dog. You should opt for treats made from high quality meats and organ meats without added sugars, salts, fillers or artificial preservatives that don’t include unnecessary fillers like sugar.

Puppies should avoid eating raw or freeze-dried food due to potential contamination from bacteria. If you decide to feed your pup some frozen kibble, be sure to give small portions at a time; or purchase freeze-dried raw food jars or bags specifically designed for dogs so you can store it away safely in your pantry.