Friskies Cat Food Review

friskies cat

If you are looking for some great treats for your cat, look no further than Friskies. They have a wide variety of flavors to choose from and they are great for any occasion. There are even special recipes for your pet to enjoy. These recipes include Pate Poultry Platter, Meaty Bits Chicken Dinner in Gravy, and Surfin’ & Turfin’.

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Friskies cat food offers a wide variety of flavors and types of cat food. This product is made with quality ingredients and has been in the market for a long time. The company is owned by Nestle-Purina, a leading conglomerate.

Friskies cat food is available in two varieties, wet and dry. Cats love the flavor and texture of these products. They are also formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition. Each meal is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals for your pet’s healthy growth.

Purina Friskies cat food is a great option for cats of all life stages. Whether your cat is a picky eater or a grazer, he will enjoy the savory flavors.

Meaty Bits Chicken Dinner in Gravy

The Friskies Meaty Bits Chicken Dinner in Gravy is a tasty and tame way to satisfy your kitty’s dietary requirements. This hefty sized meal is chock full of protein rich ingredients including real chicken and gravy – a combination that will make your feathered friend swoon. With a price tag of about $2 per can, it’s an excellent value for the quality you get. It’s also a nice way to keep your pet occupied for hours on end, which is a must if you have a busy schedule. Fortunately, it comes in a range of flavours. Some of the more interesting ones include chicken and gravy penne, chicken fettuccine and gravy, and meatballs with gravy.

Pate Poultry Platter

The Purina Friskies Pate Poultry Platter is a tasty morsel that your feline will appreciate. This wet cat food features a tasty and nutritious mix of meat and fish. Its meaty licks and fishy slicks won’t disappoint your cat’s palate, and you won’t have to clean up the drool from your kitty’s mouth.

In addition to the meaty licks, the friskies wet cat food boasts a full dozen calorie-free morsel options. With a 13-ounce can in hand, your moggie will be spoiled for choice. From salmon to pheasant to venison to turkey, your kitty will be a happy camper in no time.

Surfin’ & Turfin’

The Friskies cat surfin’ & turfin’ dry cat food has a lot to offer your feline friend. It has real fish, crab and a whole lot of chicken to boot. In addition to the usual suspects, it also offers an assortment of lesser known ingredients such as beef, cranberries and quinoa. This particular variant, which contains a hefty dose of protein and essential vitamins and minerals, is a surefire way to provide your best friend with a complete and balanced diet. Whether your feline is an athlete or a couch potato, a good diet is the icing on the cake. Your furry friend deserves the best and the Friskies brand does a bang up job.

Tender and Crunchy Combo

Friskies Cat Tender and Crunchy Combo is a dry cat food that packs a flavorful punch. This food is a fun way to help your cat get all the benefits of a good diet. It has everything he needs to get his day off to a great start, while providing a delicious taste that he will love.

It’s a well-crafted product made from quality ingredients. Those ingredients include corn gluten meal, which is a by-product of corn syrup production. Corn gluten meal contains high levels of cysteine, which has been linked to urinary stone formation.

Aside from the corn gluten meal, it also contains a slew of other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, a nifty way to keep your pet’s skin, coat and muscles in top condition.


Friskies is one of the most popular cat food brands in the market today. However, this brand has also faced a number of complaints and recalls in the past year. These complaints may have to do with the ingredients that the company uses in its recipes.

Many of the Friskies recipes contain fillers that can be unhealthy for cats. Fillers are ingredients that are added to the pet food to bulk it up, but offer little nutritional value.

Other ingredients used by Friskies include poultry, tuna, and salmon. While these are considered good sources of protein, they can be problematic in certain amounts.