Friskies Salmon Pate

friskies salmon pate

Getting your cat a diet that contains salmon is important because it is a healthy choice for your pet. This is because salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is important for your pet’s health. You can get your cat a diet that includes salmon pate, which is a moist and meaty chunk of salmon that your pet will love.

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Among the many ingredients of Friskies Salmon Pate is the first ingredient, which is Meat By-Products. These are the leftovers from the butchering process, including organs and meat that is not intended for human consumption. They are considered an inferior ingredient. They may be used to fill in the gaps in a cat’s diet, but may be associated with adverse medical conditions in cats.

Other ingredients of Friskies Salmon Pate include guar gum, vitamin A, niacin, choline chloride, menadione sodium bisulfite complex and taurine. The formula also contains an excellent source of protein, and a Vitamin A supplement to help ensure proper growth in kittens. The smooth pate texture of the food is also very tasty, and is a great addition to the nutrition of your cat.

The Purina Friskies Pate Salmon Dinner is a delicious and complete meal for your cat. Its flavor and texture are both appealing, and it is packed with savory goodness.


Among its many features, the Friskies salmon pate is notable for its complete nutrition and flavor. The product features a salmon based meaty taste, while the pate provides a smooth, moist texture. There are also ingredients that provide the cat with the best nutrition, including a salmon based protein source, as well as a high-quality protein supplement in the form of a poultry by-product. The pate is a good complement to any dry or wet meal.

The product does not contain a ton of other noteworthy items, but there is a small handful that are worth noting. For example, the first ingredient in the Friskies salmon pate is a meat by-product. While this ingredient is considered an inferior ingredient, it does have a nifty little attribute. The ingredient is carrageenan, which may help provide your cat with a little boost in its immune system. Other notable items include the emulsifier guar gum and the patented omega 3 fatty acid omega-6 from fish oil.


Whether your cat is into seafood or not, you can count on Purina Friskies to satisfy their tastes and appetites. The Purina Friskies Ocean Favorites Pate with Salmon, Brown Rice and Peas is a delicious and nutritious way to delight your feline friend. The best part is, this cat food is made with real salmon, which provides a high-quality protein source for strong muscles. The pate comes in a 5.5 ounce can that is designed to meet AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles.

The Purina Friskies Pate with Salmon, Brown Rice and Peas offers complete nutrition for your cat in a smooth, pate style that your feline will love. The Purina Friskies Ocean Funflies recipe is the perfect choice for your adult cat, as it has a balanced nutritional profile that includes high quality salmon, brown rice, and peas. The enticing aroma and tasty ingredients will have your kitty purring for more.

Purrfectly Satisfied Cats

Whether you have a finicky cat or are looking for a new wet cat food, Friskies Salmon Pate is a great choice. It has a delicious aroma and smooth pate texture that your pet will love. Whether your pet is a kitten, an adult or a senior, Friskies offers a wide variety of wet foods that they are sure to love.

The Friskies Pate wet cat food variety pack comes with four different recipes. Each recipe has a unique flavor profile that your cat will surely love. In addition to the variety, you will also find that each meal contains 35 calories per ounce.

Among the other Friskies wet foods available, you should consider the Purina Friskies Ocean Favorites Pate With Salmon, Brown Rice and Peas. This wet cat food contains wholesome ingredients like real salmon, brown rice and peas for a balanced diet.

If your cat likes to be a little more adventurous with his diet, he may enjoy Friskies Savory Shreds with Ocean Whitefish & Tuna. This wet cat food is made with real fish and has a higher protein content than most other cat foods on the market.