Friskies Fish Cat Food Review

Friskies is a well-known brand with an expansive selection of dry and wet cat food. Additionally, they provide treats and snacks.

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This dry cat food formula begins with ground yellow corn, a popular ingredient in many pet foods. It provides inexpensive sources of protein, carbohydrates and fiber. The next ingredient is chicken or poultry by-product meal combined with corn gluten meal.



Friskies fish cat food brings your feline companion’s wildest food fantasies to life with premium pieces of whitefish, sardines, salmon and tuna. Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals for maximum happiness and health with each bite – giving her everything she needs for optimal wellbeing.

The primary ingredient is ground yellow corn, which serves both as a filler and source of cheap protein and carbohydrates. Additionally, the product contains added color – an entirely marketing gimmick and not necessary for your cat’s wellbeing.

The second ingredient is corn gluten meal, which is a byproduct of corn syrup and other sweeteners made with corn. While it provides some protein, it’s not as digestible or nutritious as meat and it contains high levels of cysteine which could lead to urinary stones if consumed; thus it’s usually only included as an inexpensive filler.


Friskies Fish Cat Food provides your feline friend with a healthy source of Omega 3s and 6s from fish oil, plus essential vitamins and nutrients that promote overall wellness.

This recipe offers a delectable pate texture that’s ideal for her, while the sauce adds moisture and an irresistible flavor she craves at mealtime. Plus, tender shreds of real chicken and salmon provide a filling experience she’ll surely love.

This fish-based wet cat food provides complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats, helping her stay strong and healthy throughout her lifespan.

This wet cat food variety pack offers four recipes with a satisfying pate texture and delectable Friskies seafood flavors for an irresistible meal she’ll love. Each recipe provides 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition to support your pet’s healthy development.


Friskies Cat Food is an affordable brand of cat food. However, its dry recipes contain low-value plant ingredients like ground yellow corn and corn gluten meal and rely on vaguely named animal by-products instead of specific meats.

Kibble contains several meat sources, such as chicken by-product meal and meat and bone meal, along with a small amount of beef tallow. While not as common an oil source in pet foods as chicken fat, beef tallow can be added to enhance flavor and palatability when making cat food recipes.

Kibble contains a blend of additives and natural and artificial flavors. Additionally, it’s thickened with guar gum – an FDA-approved ingredient used for texture and shelf life purposes in cat food.


Friskies fish cat food provides a high protein source with essential omega 3s and 6s. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin A and taurine.

Some recipes call for organ meat ingredients such as liver, which provides high-quality proteins and can also supplement with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Friskies turkey and giblets recipe is one of the more sought-after pate-style wet cat foods. At an unbeatably affordable price point, this high quality food provides great value.

This wet food contains an assortment of unclear-named poultry and fish ingredients such as Poultry By-Products, Chicken By-Products, Liver, and Salmon.

Unfortunately, your cat might not get all of the nutrition they need from this cat food. Some ingredients can be difficult to digest and high in salt – all things we recommend you watch out for when selecting your next pet food.