Good n Fun – A Tasty Smorgasbord of Flavors That Your Dog Will Love

good n fun

Good n Fun brand offers a tasty smorgasbord of flavors that dogs love. These all-natural chews are made with the finest ingredients, including beefhide and real chicken, to create truly delightful, long-lasting treats that your dog will love.

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One lot of Good n Fun Beefhide Chicken Sticks was distributed nationwide by Salix Animal Health and has been linked to Salmonella. Due to this, Salix is voluntarily recalling the product.

What is Good n Fun?

Good n Fun is a high-quality, gourmet chew that was designed to keep dogs entertained and motivated. Made from the finest rawhide and wholesome ingredients, Good n Fun is sure to satisfy your dogs’ craving for a good chew that will also promote better dental health. The kabbo shape of these rawhide treats is perfect for satisfying a dog’s natural urge to chew. They also help keep your dog’s teeth clean and reduce tartar buildup. Learn more about our tasty smorgasbord of chews by reading our FAQs below. We hope you enjoy them! And, remember, always ask your vet before giving any new chew to your dog.

Are Good n Fun treats good for my dog?

When shopping for dog treats, it’s important to choose something that will meet your pup’s needs. Treats should be the right size for your pet and contain natural ingredients.

Good n Fun is a brand that has a savory variety of flavors that dogs love. Its chews are made with the finest ingredients and in a variety of shapes.

These bone-shaped chews come in several flavors and are 98 percent fat free. They also have a high protein content to help satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew.

These chews are a favorite in our house. They are easy to break into smaller pieces for training, and they are great for small dogs that can’t swallow large jerky-shaped treats. They also contain no sugar or other ingredients that could lead to weight gain.

Are Good n Fun treats safe for my dog?

There are a lot of dog treats on the market, and choosing the right one for your pet can be overwhelming. The best ones are made with healthy ingredients, the right size for your dog, and have good reviews from other pet parents.

The first thing to consider is the hardness of the chews. If a toy is too hard for your dog, it could crack their teeth or even break their jaws.

Another safety concern is the use of plastic bottles as a chew toy. Thin plastic bottle pieces may cut your dog’s mouth, irritate their esophagus, and cause choking.

It’s also important to avoid treats that contain pork fat. Pork fat is hard for dogs to digest and can lead to pancreatitis.