Grubblies Chicken – A Nutrient-Rich Treat For Your Chickens

Grubblies are a nutrient-rich treat for chickens. They can improve the quality of their feathers and promote faster molting. They’re also a sustainable feed. In addition to these benefits, Grubblies are safe for chickens. If you’re considering purchasing them for your flock, you should know that they’re a natural source of calcium.

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Grubblies are a nutrient-rich snack

The benefits of Grubblies chicken are many and they are a great nutrient-rich snack for your chickens. They contain extra protein that helps chickens grow healthy feathers. They are also a good source of calcium, which helps sick birds recover from molting. They also contain an optimal ratio of phosphorus and calcium. This means that you don’t need to add calcium supplements to your chicken’s diet.

These snack treats are a great way to bond with your chickens and provide them with essential nutrients. They are also a great way to add variety to your chicken’s diet. Grubblies chicken are made from oven-dried black soldier fly grubs, which chickens naturally eat. These grubs are full of amino acids and natural protein, and they have 50 times the calcium content of mealworms! This makes them a great snack for poultry and songbirds!

They promote healthy feather production

Grubblies chicken feed is loaded with protein to help your chickens regrow their feathers and grow new ones. It also contains dietary fat, fiber, methionine, phosphorus, and lysine. And, thanks to its compostable ingredients, Grubblies chicken feed will recycle your food waste. Chickens need protein to grow new feathers and maintain their normal energy level and egg output.

These baked-dried grubs are packed with protein, calcium, phosphorus, and fiber. They are a delicious treat for chickens and make a great supplement for songbirds and poultry. The ingredients in Grubblies are natural and sourced from the USA and Canada, which means that you can rest assured that they’re safe and organic for your flock.

They speed up molting

Giving your chickens nutritious, nutrient-rich snacks during the molting process is an essential part of healthy feather growth. Not only will these treats help your chickens speed up the molting process, but they will also have a higher metabolism, resulting in healthier eggs. The easiest way to provide healthy snacks is to stock up on protein-rich black soldier fly grubs.

If you’re not sure how to provide your chickens with a healthy snack to help them speed up molting, sprouting is an excellent way to add protein to their diet. Sprouted seeds increase protein levels in food and are also easily digestible by chickens. You can also try fermenting your chicken feed. This will also make the protein more available to your flock.

They are a sustainable feed

One of the hottest topics in sustainability is food waste, and Grubblies is doing its part. By feeding their chickens grubs made from food waste, the company is helping the environment. The company also plans to build an insect production facility in Atlanta that will recycle food waste. According to Grubbly, food residuals make up twelve percent of the waste sent to landfills in Georgia. The Atlanta area produces 48 percent of that waste. By recycling food residues, the company can avoid food waste from entering landfills and releasing methane into the atmosphere.

The company started with the idea of producing chicken feed from insects. The company originally planned to rear insects on its own, but a partnership with an insect rearing company changed their plans. The company sources protein meal from insect rearing companies, which utilize undesirable side products to make their food. For the other ingredients, Grubbly sources them from animal feed companies, and outsources the blending and formulation of their products. This helps Grubbly reduce its capital expenditures.

They are a legitimate company

The company’s main ingredients include dried black soldier fly grubs, which are a healthy, vegan alternative to meat. Founded in 2016, Grubbly Farms has developed partnerships with sustainable farms in the US and around the world to source these insects. While some might balk at the idea of eating bugs, grubs are easy on the environment and can be a great source of protein for pets.

The company focuses on providing backyard chickens with a nutritious daily snack, while also closing the loop on the agricultural system. For example, the company collects and dehydrates pre-consumer food waste, which is then packaged as nutritious animal feed for the hens. Additionally, the company offsets carbon dioxide by diverting 10 pounds of food waste from landfills, which in turn helps the environment.

They’re based in Atlanta

The Atlanta-based company Grubbly Farms is a global leader in sustainable insect-based feed. Their products are produced by feeding black soldier flies with pre-consumer food waste. This waste is then dehydrated and packaged as chicken feed. The company aims to provide an effective solution to food waste in the United States, while also helping the environment.

The company was founded by Patrick Pittaluga and his cousin Sean Warner, and was backed by several venture capital firms. Investors include Oval Park Capital, Create-X, and Techstars. In 2016, the company completed the Techstars accelerator program in New York City. In addition, it received funding from the Atlanta-based angel investor Overline. The company plans to double its employees as the result of the new funding.