Grubblies Chicken Treats

Black soldier fly grubs are an excellent treat for baby chicks that is both enjoyable and nutritious, mimicking the natural diet of chickens while encouraging foraging behavior and instinctual foraging behavior.

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Grubblies are oven-dried black soldier fly larvae enriched with protein, calcium, phosphorus, fiber and lysine – providing a delicious daily treat for chickens, ducks, turkeys and songbirds alike.


Healthier Feathers

Grubblies are an effective natural supplement during and post molting to promote healthy feather production, with 50x more calcium than mealworms helping prevent eggbinding and deformation while giving your flock an extra boost to revitalize itself and resume egg laying.

Chickens naturally enjoy foraging the Earth for food sources such as black soldier fly grubs. You can easily encourage them to consume these protein-packed morsels by scattering or placing them in their coop feeder – flocks will certainly enjoy these perfectly peck-sized snacks during molting and winter!

Nutritious Grubs make an excellent snack for bearded dragons, lizards and reptiles/amphibians alike – in addition to hamsters, fish, turtles, guinea pigs and other small animals! Wild songbirds love them too! Our all-natural farm-grown Grubs from North America provide healthful solutions while being environmentally-friendly; one pound harvested = 10 pounds saved from landfills or recycled into organic compost!

Stronger Eggshells

Step one in producing strong eggs is providing your flock with a high-quality layer feed containing at least four grams of calcium per egg that they lay.

Casual soft or thin eggshells should not cause concern for backyard chickens; however, if these shells appear frequently or with increasing frequency it is recommended that hens be examined by their veterinarian to make sure she remains healthy and is free from conditions which might contribute to weaker or thinner eggshells being produced by her body.

Grubblies are an easy, natural way to give your chickens extra protein, calcium, phosphorus and lysine they need for strong eggshell production. These black soldier fly larvae (commonly referred to as worms) are oven-dried with protein-packed fiber lysine-rich black soldier fly larvae packed with all these key elements! A delicious yet healthy treat for chickens, roosters, ducks, turkeys quails geese songbirds.

A Delicious Snack for Chickens

Fruit is a delightful treat for chickens and can help them remain hydrated during hot days. Fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are popular choices – just remember to remove any seeds as these may contain cyanide that could prove toxic for poultry.

Vegetables make an excellent snack option for your flock. Leafy greens such as kale and spinach contain vital nutrients to promote their wellbeing.

Cooked fish or canned sardines provide another delicious protein-rich treat for your hens during molting, providing much-needed energy boost to help them re-start egg laying again.

Grubblies chicken treats are oven dried black soldier fly grubs that make an irresistibly tasty treat for laying hens, chicks, ducks, geese, turkeys and other wild birds. Packed with protein and offering 50 times more calcium than mealworms, Grubblies provide an all-natural supplement feed during molting periods or just as an all-natural chicken treat!

A Nutritious Snack for Other Birds

Most birds like hens and ducks find Grubblies delicious treats, particularly during molting season or winter when chickens require additional protein. Grubblies also provide 50 times more calcium than mealworms for strengthening eggshells.

Oatmeal: Stale or old oatmeal provides an appealing source of nutrition for many species, including finches, sparrows and blue jays. Mix it up by including nuts or seeds along with dried fruit as an additional way to increase appeal and increase interest from these birds.

Pasta and rice: Leftover cooked pasta and rice can provide birds with an excellent source of carbohydrates to fuel their foraging habits, particularly pheasants, wild turkeys, and geese. Avoid adding sauces or cheese that could potentially poison these species.

Cheese can be an amazing treat for certain species of birds; however, since most birds are lactose intolerant. Other wholesome treats to consider for your avian friend include lean, cooked meats or poultry and unseasoned scrambled eggs – but avoid giving your bird junk food like chocolate, salty snacks, fast foods with added sulfites or sugars as these could harm their health.