Higgins Guinea Pig Food

Guinea pigs require a diet composed of hay, pellets, fresh vegetables and fruit as well as vitamin C to avoid scurvy.

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This fortified diet features a premium blend of species-appropriate dried fruits, sun-cured hays, vegetables and pre-cooked legumes – without artificial flavors, preservatives or chemical colors – perfect for any animal of any species.


Sunburst Gourmet Blend

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blend is an all-natural pet food designed for small animal companions that’s packed with goodness! Conceived as both snack and treat mix for species-appropriate felines and feline companions, its formula features dried mixed fruits, vegetables, sun-cured hays, nutritious seeds, grains nuts and pre-cooked legumes; free from artificial flavors preservatives chemical colors while offering balanced DHA omega 3/6 fatty acid balance as well as probiotic support to support digestive health.

Higgins Foods’ Herbivore diet does not contain wheat, which may cause digestive issues for herbivores. They use non-GMO ingredients and quadruple air-wash their ingredients in order to minimize dust and ensure freshness.

For optimal health in hamsters and gerbils, introduce Sunburst gradually over 7-10 days, always monitoring portions and water intake as part of an effective weight management strategy. Remove and discard uneaten food daily before cleaning their bowls prior to refilling; ensure there is always access to fresh, clean drinking water nearby.

Supreme Science Selective

Supreme Science Selective is a premium diet specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult rabbits, recommended by veterinarians. This delectable blend features species-appropriate dried fruits, sun-cured hays and vegetables as well as pre-cooked legumes all packed full of essential vitamins and minerals – plus omega 3 rich linseed as a source of omega 3s and Vitamin C!

This diet for small pets does not contain added sugar – which can contribute to obesity – and provides essential fiber that promotes wellbeing and vitality. Furthermore, it is an excellent source of protein, with natural ingredients like fennel and dandelion that provide dental support.

Supreme Petfoods of the UK has developed this product to preserve freshness. To keep freshness at a maximum level, store in a cool and dry location with plenty of fresh water available at all times – the recommended daily intake should be 60-70g per day and monitored regularly for weight and health monitoring purposes. You may add this food into their current diet gradually over 10-14 days or use as an additive diet changeover solution.

Higgins Dried Foods

Higgins Gourmet Natural Small Animal Veggie Stix are pumpkin flavored treat sticks packed with seeds, grains and vegetables to provide your bird with all of the nutrition he or she needs for optimal health and happiness. Additionally, these high-quality treat sticks provide access to protected probiotics as well as balanced omega-3 & 6 fatty acids with stabilization. Furthermore, this delicious mix is free from artificial preservatives, flavors or chemicals he may needlessly consume while living alongside you!

Higgins Vita Seed is an all-natural premium seed blend featuring essential vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients for bird companions. Vita Seed is free from artificial preservatives, chemical flavors and synthetic fertilizers your companion bird may not need; Higgins instead sources color from seeds, spices and vegetables while protecting probiotics and providing plant-based DHA omega-3 fatty acids for overall wellness benefits.

All ingredients in this treat are specifically tailored to ensure maximum enjoyment for your pet, from flaked beans and corn to hulled millet and dried fruits, vegetables and Higgins inTune extruded morsels for extra nutrition. It does not contain artificial preservatives, flavors or chemicals and no added sugars.

Higgins Pellets

Guinea pigs are selective feeders and require food that contains high energy density to meet their energy demands. This product satisfies these needs with a blend of species-appropriate dried fruits, vegetables, sun-cured hays and pre-cooked legumes formulated without artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives to meet dietary requirements. Furthermore, DHA Omega-3 fatty acids support immune function while protected probiotics promote digestive health in these nutritious treats.

As tomatoes contain oxalic acid that may cause digestive discomfort in guinea pigs, try feeding your guinea pigs ripe fruits that are high in vitamin C like berries, bananas or apples instead.

Cuy, or guinea pig meat, is a traditional South American delicacy in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Packed full of vital nutrients and prepared in various ways for maximum nutritional benefit, cooking guinea pig requires special kitchen facilities due to its delicate nature and size. Before giving your guinea pig this treat it’s advisable to consult your veterinarian first as chew-resistant ceramic food bowls may prevent overturning from nibblers!