Hikari Pleco Wafers

Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers have been carefully developed to encourage optimal growth and desirable form in plecostomus and other algae feeding bottom feeders including marine herbivores. Each disc shaped diet is packed full of vegetable matter and specific algaes for maximum effectiveness.

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These algae wafers feature a unique disk shape designed to ensure palatability for Plecos. Furthermore, they come packed with additional vitamins.


Pleco Wafers

Algae wafers are an integral part of any pleco’s diet. Packed full of algae, kelp, cultured spirulina, plant matter and vitamins/mineral supplementation, these wafers are consumed to meet their required amount of plant matter in their diet; however they should only account for 15 percent of overall diet intake.

Plecostomus are notoriously difficult to feed bottom feeders, yet this unique disc shaped food sinks quickly and retains its shape, making it easy for less aggressive species to access it. Plus, this treat contains higher levels of vegetable matter preferred by plecostomus as well as complete nutrition including stabilized vitamin C to support stress resistance and infectious disease resistance.

This fish food is produced using a non-pressing method which requires no heat, preserving all of the precious nutrients in crystalline form and making it highly digestible and low in fat.

Algae Wafers

This algae wafer is an ideal way to feed aquatic pets. Packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients, this wafer was specifically created to support the health and beauty of herbivorous fish species such as plecos. Containing various forms of algae as well as vegetables to provide your fish with a complete diet; providing fiber for plecos as needed while remaining easily eaten without making your aquarium water too messy – ideal!

These fish food wafers are specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of bottom feeder fish like plecostomus, catfish and loaches that feed on algae. With its disc shape that sinks quickly for easier consumption by these species, these wafers contain plenty of protein, vitamin C and calcium for your aquatic friends’ wellbeing.

Wafers with high vegetable matter levels that algae eaters crave are available, including spirulina, various vegetables, fish, kelp, crayfish and shrimp to provide your pleco with various vitamins and nutrients. It may be easier for some plecos than others to accept new foods; therefore they offer an effective solution when trying new ones can prove tricky.

Shrimp Wafers

Caridina and Neocaridina) freshwater shrimps, these highly appealing wafers provide them with a satisfying natural feeding behavior. Packed full of rich shrimp proteins for energy and featuring an increased percentage of spirulina for color enhancement, these wafers also offer comprehensive daily nutrition to support health, color and vitality in aquarium fish.

Algae wafers can be an excellent addition to the diets of both freshwater and saltwater tropical fish, helping keep them active and healthy. Algae wafers contain essential vitamins and nutrients as well as promote natural behaviors while aiding digestion – however they should not be used as the sole food source as this could lead to overfeeding or water quality issues.

Tetra Shrimp Wafers provide an optimally balanced daily diet for bottom feeders such as catfish species and loaches that feed on bottom-dwelling organisms like shrimp. Packed full of shrimp protein, they aid digestion for clearer waters as well as provide stress reduction and disease immunity benefits.

Loach Wafers

Kuhli loaches make excellent aquarium cleaners, but their diet must allow them to reach their maximum growth potential. Hikari algae wafers provide just that by including quality algae and zucchini that provide essential vitamins and minerals while their added fiber makes digesting them even simpler!

This fish food is specially designed to meet the needs of catfish, tetras and other bottom feeders. Packed with vegetable matter that these types of fish prefer and love. Plus, its formulation includes stabilized vitamin C to support immune health.

These wafers are similar to hikari flakes, except they feature a disc shape which makes them easier for fish to access and don’t dissolve easily in water – perfect for smaller species kept in community tanks! Additionally, this option makes maintenance costs reduced considerably and allows the fish to consume food more slowly without clouding up the tank with waste products.