Lean Treats For Dogs

Giving your pup lean treats is an easy and delicious way to increase their nutrient intake while supporting weight management. Just remember to practice portion control if possible to prevent overindulgence!

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Lean Treats are tasty low fat nutritional rewards made of skinless chicken cut into bite-size pieces for convenient portion control. Lean Treats help dogs maintain a healthy weight by encouraging increased calorie consumption. These delicious treats provide delicious snacking pleasure without adding unnecessary pounds!


Heart of the Canine Whole Prey Treats

Wolf Packs often consume their prey by devouring all parts, from bones and organs to probiotics for digestive health and selenium, an antioxidant. When used as chews for dogs they provide probiotics for digestion as well as a valuable source of protein.

Whole prey diets provide the optimal combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids essential for maintaining skin and coat health in dogs. In addition, whole prey diets contain essential proteins, dietary fiber, natural enzymes, as well as being free from fillers or additives that could otherwise compromise skin and coat integrity.

A complete prey diet typically consists of 80% raw muscle meat, 10% raw edible bone, and 5% other secreting organs such as liver and kidney. Supplement this with fruits and vegetables for best results. Those unable to feed a whole prey diet have alternative methods available; one such is Franken Prey which feeds mixture of ingredients that meets PMR ratio guidelines.

Whole Beast

This nose-to-tail protein blend from The Fittest (the company behind Liver King) emulates the nutrition our ancestors obtained by hunting and eating an entire animal, such as beef, colostrum, bone powders, heart, liver and pancreas powders for complete amino acid support, especially leucine which promotes muscle growth.

These bite-size treats are low in both calories and fat content, while also offering an abundance of omega-3s – essential components of dog skin and coat health.

These single ingredient, crunchy treats are easily breakable into small pieces for training and make an excellent high-value treat, providing your pup with both training and stimulation of cognitive behavior at once! Additionally, they’re an excellent source of fiber! To prevent unnecessary weight gain and overeating, utilize slow feeding bowls or interactive feeders like snuffle mats which force your pup to work for his treats to promote slower eating behavior while stimulating cognitive behavior while stimulating cognitive behavior and helping him work toward the treats slowly versus eating all at once!

Homemade Raw Diet Treats

Home-cooked raw diets can provide many of the essential micronutrients a dog requires to stay healthy. Supplementing their meal with raw goat milk, egg yolks and kefir will further ensure they receive all their essential micronutrients for optimal wellbeing.

At various stages of their lives (adolescence or pregnancy), puppies require more calcium and phosphorus than adults to support bone development. Supplementing their diet with bones or animal fat may help balance out these essential vitamins over time.

Other beneficial dietary additions for dogs include organ meat, raw vegetables, raw fruits and eggs. It is wise to avoid starchy vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and rice which contain anti-nutrients which could deprive their dog of key vitamins and minerals.

This recipe uses lean ingredients to craft a low-cal treat that packs in pumpkin and yogurt for nutrients, as well as blueberries as a super food providing antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids naturally.

Portion Control

Properly portioning treats is key to helping your dog remain at an ideal weight and remaining healthy and contented. Lean treats such as grass-fed beef or free range chicken make fantastic snack options; homemade raw diet treats may also work, just make sure that their ingredients are carefully measured out using a food scale to track calories per snack.

Try to limit high-value treats to 10% of your dog’s total daily calories. Reserve these treats for training sessions; other low-cal baked dog treats or high-protein, nutrient-rich fruits and veggies can also serve as training rewards, such as: boiled egg slices, cucumber slices (no seeds), air-popped popcorn without butter or salt, baked sweet potato pieces are tasty options that won’t add too many extra calories.