Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight

Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight adult dog food provides groundbreaking weight management nutrition that full-grown dogs can enjoy. Boasting clinically proven results within 10 weeks & protein for lean muscle maintenance, this healthy weight formula comes highly recommended by vets & promotes brain, eye & bone development for your pup!

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Based on our analysis of ingredients and nutritional content, this recipe earned a four-star rating. Based on his recommendations for adult dogs, The Advisor endorses it.


Large Breed

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Dry Dog Food was specifically created to assist dogs in losing and managing their weight, with 70% losing weight within 10 weeks after switching over. It’s an ideal choice for pets who are less active, neutered or those prone to weight gain such as breeds.

This formula’s main protein source is chicken, while additional sources include cracked pearled barley and brewers rice. Cracked pearled barley is an alternative form of barley which has been processed into softer pieces; it provides some carbohydrates while still offering nutritional value compared to its whole counterparts such as barley groats.

This food also includes sodium selenite, which is a synthetic form of selenium not easily absorbed by the body and could potentially lead to deficiencies over time. Furthermore, corn gluten meal and wheat gluten serve as fillers in this formula.

Small & Mini

Hill’s Science Diet food is tailor-made to meet the dietary needs of different sizes of dogs, such as their adult small & mini perfect weight formula for healthy weight management and optimal digestive health. This goal is accomplished through its first ingredient being protein as well as prebiotic fibers and Omega 3/6 fatty acids being included as ingredients.

Senior Vitality Small & Mini Adult 7+ Dog Food was specifically created for older small breeds and designed to improve their everyday abilities to interact and move freely, thanks to a unique formulation containing antioxidant and omega-6 fatty acid nutrients.

Adult small & mini perfect weight dog food offers innovative weight-management nutrition to full-grown canines who need to watch their weight. Packed with protein for lean muscle maintenance and clinically proven results in only 10 weeks, your pup is sure to love this tasty kibble as they strive for weight management!

All Life Stages

Hill’s Science Diet offers many choices that meet the nutritional requirements for life stages in dogs and cats alike, providing optimal levels of nutrients at every age and stage. You’ll even find options tailored specifically for small breeds featuring smaller-sized kibble (called Small Bites). In addition, there are choices designed to promote digestive health, mobility and weight management.

Example: All Life Stages Perfect Weight recipe earns the Advisor’s middle-tier rating of 3.5 stars. It boasts higher-than-average protein and below-average fat levels, along with moderate carbs percentage and modest fiber levels that help ensure pets feel satisfied after eating this food.

PetSmart offers an assortment of Hill’s Science Diet dry and canned food options. When selecting the optimal diet for your individual pet, please consult a veterinarian first. Additionally, PetSmart provides many accessories such as dog toys, beds and grooming supplies as well as curbside pickup options and Autoship for items you purchase regularly.

Pregnant & Nursing

Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight provides breakthrough nutrition designed to help adult dogs maintain a healthy weight & enhance their quality of life. Made with real chicken & vegetables, this tasty wet food features clinically-proven technology to support weight maintenance & long-term results – not suitable for puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs.

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