Royal Canin Puppy Review

Royal Canin is well known for their extensive line of dog food products. Their breed-specific kibble and special recipes for health issues make their food ideal. Their fur baby line provides puppies and their mothers alike with food they’ll both benefit from.

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Their food products contain above-average levels of protein and lower-than-average fat levels, boast excellent nutrient profiles, and are produced at company facilities.



Royal Canin offers an impressive variety of dog foods. Their offerings include puppy formulas tailored specifically for certain breeds as well as specialty recipes designed to address joint health in long-legged breeds or easy-chewing kibble for toy breeds. Furthermore, Royal Canin also has specially tailored food available specifically for large breeds.

Some of their products use questionable preservatives like BHA and propyl gallate that have been linked to cancer; other contain eugenol as an animal fat replacement that has been associated with liver issues.

Royal Canin’s products provide puppies with an ideal balance of meat proteins and carbohydrates, including plenty of fiber to aid digestion, plus chelated minerals to optimize absorption. Brown rice is one of their key ingredients – easy for digestion while providing energy! – while powdered cellulose (made from plant fibers) adds no nutritional value whatsoever.


Royal Canin provides a selection of dog foods designed for specific breeds, life stages and conditions. Their products are supported by scientific research and veterinary experts and manufactured in various factories around the world; with one planned in Lewisburg Ohio set to open by 2021.

This manufacturer uses premium ingredients and adheres to stringent manufacturing guidelines, conducting over half a million quality controls annually in order to ensure food safety, such as tests for bacteria and metal contamination.

Bruno quickly recognized that his team lacked a method for prioritizing tasks and that this hampered their mission to advance pet health. He instituted airfocus as a solution that allowed his team to eliminate gut feelings from decision making and prioritize tasks based on evidence rather than gut feel alone.

Prior to purchasing any dog food, it’s essential that you review both its ingredient list and manufacturing process. Some brands contain anti-nutrients like peas, lentils and soybeans which interfere with proper absorption of essential vitamins. This could cause health issues for your pup as well as possibly leading to dilated cardiomyopathy.

Wet food

If you own a purebred puppy, this line of dog food can provide your young pup with the optimal diet. Formulated specifically to meet developmental requirements and predisposed health concerns.

Royal Canin offers an assortment of formulas suited to breed size, life stage or health concern. Some products serve as supplements to dry dog foods while others can act as complete meals on their own. Wet food is also an effective supplement.

Wet food contains a moderate amount of protein from named meats and by-products, and also features chelated minerals that are more easily absorbed than ordinary minerals. Kibble size is small for easier chewing by puppies; fiber and prebiotics aid digestion while iron are an important source.


Royal Canin offers an assortment of dog food recipes specifically formulated to meet the specific needs of different breeds and needs, in addition to cat food options and veterinary diets for those with health conditions. Their formulas often feature higher protein levels than competing brands as Royal Canin focuses on meeting dogs’ specific requirements – for instance their giant breed dog food contains additional proteins for bone development.

Royal Canin is owned and operated by Mars PetCare company since 1968 and believes even small nutritional changes can make a big difference in your pet’s life. Their research teams collaborate closely with animal behaviorists and vets in creating nutritious pet foods; manufacturing plants are located throughout Missouri and South Dakota using natural preservation techniques like rosemary extract and mixed tocopherols to produce them.