Homemade Crested Gecko Food

homemade crested gecko food

When it comes to homemade crested gecko food, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just be sure your lizard enjoys whatever fruit or vegetable you feed them best!

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By providing your lizard with all necessary nutrients, you will ensure they remain healthy and contented.



Crested geckos in the wild eat a variety of foods such as fruits, flowers, nectar, pollen, insects and small reptiles. When kept in captivity they require an balanced diet that includes fresh vegetation and some type of protein for survival.

Commercial crested gecko food options and homemade fruit puree can be found on the market, both of which require mixing with water for consumption. Meal replacement powders that need to be mixed with water or homemade puree made in your kitchen can both be provided to your gecko for their daily nutritional needs.

Fruits suitable for a crested gecko to eat include mango, pear, banana, grape, fig, apricot, strawberry and watermelon; however it’s best to avoid feeding citrus and star fruit as these contain high levels of oxalic acid which could interfere with calcium absorption.


Homemade crested gecko food made from vegetables is an excellent way to give your lizard plenty of essential nutrients. While they may not be as exciting as fruits, vegetables can add variety and provide essential vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Vegetables such as greens, berries and squash make a nutritious addition to your crested gecko’s diet as they’re low in calories and packed with fiber. They make an ideal supplement to their existing food source.

Peaches are another fruit that provides essential nutrients for your gecko. Be sure to remove the skins before offering them to your pet as they contain high amounts of fibrous matter which is difficult for lizards to digest.

Papaya is an ideal fruit for crested geckos, as it’s soft and juicy. You can offer your lizard this fruit once or twice a week; just remember to remove any seeds or skins before feeding it.


Crested geckos are omnivores and require a varied diet of fruits, vegetables and insects as protein sources. Commercial crested gecko foods offer complete diet mixes with all the necessary proteins and vitamins; however you can also make homemade food using fresh fruit purees and insects.

In addition to adding fresh fruit into a smoothie, you can also incorporate gut-loaded freeze dried insects such as dubia roaches and crickets. These are by far the most nutritious insects and will supply your crestie with all of its essential nutrients needed for growth.

When feeding jarred mashed fruit to your gecko, it’s essential that the variety you select has an ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio. Fruits high in oxalic acid can inhibit calcium absorption, making them unfit for consumption by geckos.

Baby Food

Many owners of crested geckos feed their pets homemade purees made from baby food. While this can be beneficial on occasion, it should never form part of your pet’s regular diet.

For optimal care of your crested gecko, feed them commercial mixes that have been balanced and supplemented. This will guarantee they get the right amount of calcium, phosphorus, and other essential nutrients.

Repashy, Pangea, and Zoo Med are three brands of commercial crested gecko diets that offer complete meals with insects or non-meat sources for protein.

Some jarred baby foods contain fruit that may be toxic for cresties, such as rhubarb and avocados.