Grubblies Chicken Diet Supplements

Grubblies are a nutritious and sustainable protein source made with black soldier fly larvae (grubs). Not only that, but this snack also has zero environmental impact – providing chickens with an eco-friendly source of protein.

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Sean Warner and Patrick Pittaluga, co-founders of Grubbly Farms, hailing from Norcross, GA, were raised in Norcross before attending Georgia Tech and being accepted into CREATE-X Startup Launch. This experience enabled them to create sustainable insect-based animal food that has since become widely distributed around the world through Grubbly Farms.


Nourishing Nutrients

Your chickens’ food provides them with energy and the building materials to grow. This includes proteins, vitamins, and minerals essential for their development.

Proteins are an integral component of broiler chickens and laying hens’ diets. They aid in the development of muscles, skin, and cartilage.

Molting birds draw on amino acids to regrow feathers. For this process, they require various vitamins such as fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K as well as water soluble B Vitamins like biotin, folacin, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin.

Fiber can help alleviate digestive issues in poultry. Unfortunately, too much fiber may stunt their growth and decrease egg production as well as disrupt intestinal microflora, leaving them more susceptible to bacterial infection. Therefore, it is crucial that fiber be integrated into poultry feeds in an appropriate way in order to minimize these potential negative effects.


Energy is the fuel that allows chickens to do what they do best – walk, eat, digest, breathe and maintain their temperature. It also fuels their build and maintenance of a healthy body composed of strong feathers, skin and bones.

Grubblies World Harvest oven-dried black soldier fly grubs are a nutritious daily treat your flock will love. With each peck they get essential nutrients to promote healthier feathers and stronger eggshells.

Grubbly Farms was founded in 2016 out of a Georgia Tech dorm room to provide backyard chickens with more nutrient-rich and sustainable feed. Their product lines, Grubblies and Grubbly Layer Feed, utilize black soldier fly larvae (grubs), an environmentally friendly protein source with well-documented health benefits.


Enhancing your birds’ diets with omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish oil or flaxseed, is an excellent way to supplement their regular nutrition. These essential fats support strong immunity and improved digestion for your feathered friends.

These nutrients also promote bone health, leading to stronger bones and joints. Furthermore, they aid in the production of healthy eggs, as well as decreasing inflammatory reactions to pathogens.

Establishing a high-quality diet and providing your birds with nutritious forage is the ideal starting point. High in protein and calcium foods like clover, clovers, alfalfa or purslane are ideal.

Digestive Health

The gastrointestinal tract is where food and drinks are broken down into smaller components (known as nutrients) that the body can absorb and use as energy. Your digestive system works hard to fuel every cell in your body while efficiently eliminating waste from circulation.

Maintaining a healthy digestive system is essential for your body, as this allows you to eat nutritiously and absorb essential nutrients. However, if your system isn’t functioning optimally, you may experience unpleasant symptoms like abdominal pain, constipation or bloating.

Thankfully, there are lifestyle choices you can make to improve your digestive health. Incorporating more vegetables and fruits into your diet is an excellent place to start! These fruits and veggies contain essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber which support both digestive health and overall wellness.

Healthier Feathers

Your hens need plenty of protein in their diet to grow healthy feathers. Additionally, they’ll require extra calcium during molting season when their old, damaged feathers are replaced with new, shiny ones.

Quality, high-protein layer feed is the ideal option for your flock. NatureWise Feather Fixer 18% Poultry Feed has been specially formulated with the appropriate balance of proteins, amino acids, chelated minerals and fat to promote healthy feather growth during molt as well as keep your birds looking their best all year round.