Homemade Soft Dog Treats

Create homemade soft dog treats using common household ingredients for training purposes and even helping calm hyperactive pups! Perfect for training purposes!

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These treats are made without adding preservatives and should be eaten within three to five days or frozen up to two months before eating or freezing for storage purposes.



Combine four simple ingredients for delectable treats! They require just peanut butter (no added sugar!), milk, applesauce and flour to get this delectable result.

This easy recipe uses ingredients your dog will adore and provides an effective way to conceal pills in treats for dogs that resist taking medication.

Sweet potato biscuits provide your pet with essential fiber and nutrients. Furthermore, these biscuits may help reduce flea infestation. Brewer’s yeast may even help combat flea infestation.

These sweet and salty treats are packed with proteins and fats, providing active dogs with nutritious treats without filling their bodies with chemicals that could otherwise be found in store-bought cookies.


With just a few key ingredients on hand, you can craft delicious treats for your pet. Everything from bacon treats (drool-worthy!) to pyramid cookies with brewer’s yeast for flea prevention and coconut oil as a natural pest repellant is possible.

These recipes are simple and straightforward; no specialized equipment or ingredients are necessary. Simply use your cookie cutter to shape treats into fun shapes for your dog!

Before baking, review the ingredients to identify potentially unsafe or toxic items (like chocolate which contains theobromine and caffeine or onions which may cause toxicity, nausea, vomiting and dehydration). Also avoid any additional salt or spices which could upset their digestive systems. Once your treats have cooled completely, store them at room temperature in an airtight container for several days at a time in an airtight container; alternatively they can also be stored in the fridge or frozen up to three months – they won’t stale!


These homemade soft dog treats are quick and simple to create, perfect for dogs with dental issues as they don’t feature much crunch. Don’t use these treats as meal replacements; rather use them as rewards for good behavior or training purposes – small dogs should receive only one treat daily while larger breeds may get more.

Homemade soft dog treats require thick and sticky dough that needs to be rolled out carefully on an easily rollable surface, such as wax paper. By rolling with a rolling pin over it, wax paper helps prevent sticking and helps ensure a more even distribution of dough across your work surface.

if the dough is too dry, add more water or unsweetened oat milk as necessary; however, using too much liquid may lead to chewy treats that won’t bake correctly.


Homemade dog treats don’t typically require preservatives, but that doesn’t guarantee they won’t quickly spoil. Temperature, moisture levels and air exposure all have the ability to cause treats to go bad before being ready for consumption by your furry pal.

Stored improperly, homemade treats can become breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria that pose health risks to your pup. Following proper storage methods can extend their shelf life considerably by keeping treats chilled in refrigerator-grade containers, inspecting them regularly for spoilage or mold growth and freezing excess dough as necessary.

Recipes that incorporate fruits or vegetables tend to remain soft after they’ve completely set, which means their shelf life is shorter than traditional baked treats. Refrigerating these treats may extend its storage period by one to ten days; check them frequently and discard any that become soggy or discolored before refrigerating or freezing as this could produce tougher and dryer treats.