How Many Pebbles Do You Feed a Betta Fish?

how many pebbles do you feed a betta fish

How many pebbles do you feed a Betta fish? If you are unsure about how to feed your fish, read the following article and learn more about feeding bettas. Bettas love flakes and pellets and can eat up to ten per day. But, if you’re feeding your betta live food, you can’t feed it as many pebbles as you’d like.

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Floating betta fish pellets

If you are wondering how many floating betta fish pellets to feed your betta, you’re not alone. The confusing labeling of many betta food products can cause problems and overfeeding. Using the correct amount of food is imperative to ensuring your betta’s health. Here are some guidelines to follow when feeding your betta. You can purchase airtight containers at the grocery store.

Bettas are carnivores and require a lot of protein. Live food is best, as it is similar to what they would eat in the wild. If possible, feed your betta at least 1.8 grams a day. You can purchase frozen or freeze-dried food, but these don’t provide as much protein as live food. Bettas prefer a diet consisting of freeze-dried and live foods. You can buy pellets at any pet store.

Live food

Bettas eat various kinds of pebbles to make their water clean and aerate. Betta pellets should float on the surface of the water. Always remember to soak your pebbles before feeding them to avoid overfeeding. If you can’t find live foods for your betta, freeze-dried products are the perfect substitute. Bloodworms and brine shrimp are great sources of protein and are perfect additions to the betta diet. Freeze-dried food is also guaranteed to be parasite-free, which is a plus.

When buying live foods for bettas, remember that live food is expensive. However, frozen food is readily available and can be purchased in small batches from fish stores. Bettas also enjoy fibrous food that helps them digest their food. Feed your betta as many as 1.8 grams of live food per day to ensure their health and well-being. When selecting your live food, keep in mind that your fish’s diet is unique.


The question “How many pebbles do you feed a Betta?” has been a common one among betta enthusiasts for years. However, most of the pet bettas are fed a commercial betta diet. This food is rich in protein and contains a balance of plant and animal sources. This diet will keep your betta happy and healthy, but there are also some factors you should consider when choosing the best food for your betta.

In order to get the most nutrition from your betta’s diet, you can buy freeze-dried or live foods from pet stores. However, you should be aware that bettas are opportunistic feeders and need a high-protein diet in order to maintain its vibrant color and health. Bettas also require high-quality food that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.


The best way to determine how much food your betta needs is to watch how well it floats. Bettas can eat up to four to six pellets a day. Some pellets sink to the bottom of the aquarium when they hit the water, while others float. If you want to feed your betta live food, 1.8 grams per day should be sufficient.

Ideally, you should feed your betta the recommended amount of food to maintain its weight. You may have to adjust the amount of food you give them as they grow, depending on the size of your tank. Some bettas may happily eat more than that amount, while others won’t. Whatever amount you feed your betta is best for its health, make sure it doesn’t go overboard with extra food.


You can feed your betta flakes twice daily. Feed enough to make the flakes last about two minutes. If the fish doesn’t eat it all in two minutes, feed less. Bettas love flake food and will eat it up if you offer it enough. Just make sure that you don’t feed too much because you may end up polluting the tank with excess flakes.

Feed a small amount at once. Feed more if your betta is particularly fussy. Try to make sure that they are getting enough food for their size. Smaller bettas need smaller pieces to eat. Try to feed them a mixture of pebbles and small pellets. Feeding too little can be dangerous for your betta fish.