How to Choose Expensive Cat Food

expensive cat food

Investing in the best cat food can be a huge benefit. You want to ensure that your cat gets all the nutrients it needs and that it stays healthy. However, you do not want to pay too much for the food. Here are some ways to keep your cat healthy without spending too much money.

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Purina Pro Plan

Compared to other brands, Purina Pro Plan is an expensive cat food brand. But, it’s a good choice for those who want the best food for their pets. You’ll find more varieties, better ingredients and a wider range of health-specific recipes. Plus, it’s vet-approved.

Purina Pro Plan has some of the best-selling cat foods on the market, including recipes for senior cats and sensitive pooches. It also offers a wide range of treats and supplements. There are also formulas for cats with skin issues, urinary tract problems and hairball control.

The food is made with high-quality protein, which means it has rich, meaty flavor. Unlike some other brands, Pro Plan does not include artificial flavors or colors. It’s backed by 500 Purina nutritionists and veterinarians. It’s also low in fat and calories.

Ziwi Peak

Several commercial cat foods contain meat but Ziwi Peak is a completely natural and nutritious option for your cat. This dry food formula is balanced and full of protein, minerals and vitamins. The nutrient-dense recipe delivers the convenience of kibble without any of the additives or unhealthy carbohydrates.

Ziwi Peak uses an innovative air-drying process to preserve the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients. This process helps the meat to retain the vital nutrients it needs to be healthy. This unique process helped the company gain recognition worldwide.

The company’s ingredients are also sourced from sustainable sources in New Zealand. This is important because New Zealand has a warm and temperate climate. This allows the animals to be raised on free-range, grass-fed farms. During production, they are processed in facilities that meet strict safety standards.


Choosing the best pet food can be a daunting task. There are a number of factors to consider when evaluating the quality of a cat food. It is best to start with the most basic of them all: the ingredients list.

Cat food companies are aiming to develop the most nutrient-dense formula possible. They are also aiming to make their packaging recyclable. They are currently packaging some wet foods in recyclable cardboard cartons. However, it is important to keep in mind that dry food packages are not recyclable.

It is also important to note that some of the ingredients in pet food may be harmful to your pet. For example, Sodium Bisulfate is a carcinogen, while Dicalcium Phosphate can cause calcification of your cat’s organs.

Crave Indoor Adult Cat Food

Unlike most commercial cat food, Crave cat food is high in protein. This is ideal for cats that need extra support in their diets. It’s also low in carbohydrates and fats, which helps keep your cat healthy and happy.

Crave cat food is a high-quality pet food that is manufactured in the United States. It’s a subsidiary of Mars Petcare, one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world. It uses natural ingredients, and it’s available in both wet and dry recipes.

Crave’s recipes are based on studies about the nutritional needs of cats. They contain animal proteins, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. These ingredients are highly digestible, and they help promote healthy digestion. They’re also free of artificial flavors and colors.


Whether you’re searching for an award winning, natural cat food or are looking for a healthy and balanced diet for your kitten, Orijen is a good choice. It’s packed with protein, omega fatty acids, and a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

Orijen uses whole animal meats and dehydrated fish to create its recipes. The food is grain-free, has low carbohydrate content, and is packed with protein. It has been developed for cats of all life stages.

The company sources ingredients from local farms in the Alberta area. These farms are inspected and carefully chosen to be located near manufacturing facilities. The company promises that the first five ingredients in each recipe are raw or fresh animal ingredients.

British Banquet

Touted as the world’s most expensive cat food, British Banquet is indeed a pricier item than your average feline. The 4.5 pound bag will run you a mere $300. Considering that the average cat will eat about three meals a day, you can expect to pay a tidy sum for your kitty’s tummy tucker. In fact, a year’s supply can set you back over R7 lakh.

The price tag isn’t the only downside. In addition to being expensive, you’ll need to have a special request to get your hands on the aforementioned 4.5 pound bag of sexy feline goodness. The company’s website explains that you’ll need to email them first.