Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR Cat Food

purina pro plan liveclear cat food

Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR cat food is one of the first products on the market with the power to reduce cat allergens. It contains a key protein found in eggs, which neutralizes one of the most common allergens in your cat’s saliva. It also reduces a major allergen in cat dander and hair.

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Reduces cat allergens

Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR cat food has the power to help reduce cat allergens. This food contains a key protein from eggs that neutralizes a common allergen in cat saliva. It also reduces a major allergen in cat dander and hair.

In a study done by Purina, they discovered that this food significantly reduced the levels of cat allergens on cats’ coats. In fact, the food reduced cat allergens by 47%! They looked at four different groups of cats, each with different levels of allergens on their coats. The top 25% of cats showed significantly higher allergen levels than the bottom 25% of cats. It’s important to note that the actual levels of allergens varied from week to week.

Reduces interactions between owners and cats

A decade of research into cat allergy triggers has led to the development of a new cat food called Purina Pro Plan LiveClear. This new food helps to reduce the allergens in cat dander and hair. This in turn, improves owner-cat interactions and reduces allergies.

The first cat food that reduces cat allergens in humans has been released by Purina. LiveClear reduces the amount of allergens in cats’ saliva in just three weeks. It does this by binding with a specific egg-protein, which is present in cat saliva. This means that the allergen will not be transferred to humans through hair or dander.

Tastes great

Purina pro plan liveclear cat foods are high in protein, and they’re formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult cats. This nutritious food also contains plenty of vitamins and minerals to support the health of the immune system. Your kitty will enjoy this tasty food that is nutritious and tastes great.

If you’re looking for a good cat food that will meet your cat’s nutritional needs, Purina has several lines of tasty recipes to choose from. You can find formulas in both wet and dry forms.

Is formulated for free choice

Purina Pro Plan Liveclear cat foods are formulated for free choice feeding throughout the day. A cat’s ideal food intake depends on its age, activity level, and environment. Monitor your cat’s weight closely to ensure it is getting the proper amount of food. If you have a kitten, feed it appropriate kitten formula to maintain its healthy weight.

Pro Plan LiveClear cat food is designed to lower your cat’s Fel-d-1 allergen load. It contains a key protein sourced from egg that binds to Fel-d-1 and neutralizes it. This reduces the allergen in your cat’s hair and dander.

Is available in seven formulas

Purina Pro Plan Liveclear cat foods are fortified with guaranteed live probiotics to support digestive and immune system health. They are available in seven formulas, with chicken, salmon and turkey topping the list of ingredients. Each of these sources is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin A, which supports healthy skin.

Purina Pro Plan Liveclear cat foods have the potential to significantly reduce your pet’s exposure to allergens. One of the key ingredients in the formula is a key protein derived from eggs, which binds to Fel D1 and neutralizes it. LiveClear also contains a high-quality source of protein.

Ingredients in formulas

A good rule of thumb is to look for a food with the least amount of bulk-adding fillers, low fat, and high protein. This can make a difference when selecting a diet for your cat. To help you make the best choice, we’ve compiled a list of ingredients found in Purina Pro Plan Liveclear formulas.

Pro Plan LiveClear cat food formulas are formulated with ingredients that are beneficial to cats. Each one contains more than one kind of protein, which helps keep your cat healthy and energized. LiveClear cat food formulas also contain Omega-6 fatty acids, which are good for your cat’s skin.