How-To Guide For Making a Homemade Cattle Cake Feeder

homemade cattle cake feeder

This article is a how-to guide for making a homemade cattle cake feeder for feeding your cattle. It will also give you an idea of the cost of a commercial one. Whether you choose a homemade or commercial model, you’ll enjoy feeding your cattle in a new way. And, you’ll save money.

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How to feed cattle with a homemade cattle cake feeder

There are a couple of ways to feed cattle with cake. One method uses a Marlboro Man to dispense the feed by flipping a switch inside his truck. Another method is to lay out enough feed to feed your cows. You will need to time your feedings so that it relates to the number of cows in your pasture. The cows find the nuggets irresistible and know exactly when to expect the dispenser.

Ranchers and cattle producers often supplement their cows with a protein cake to keep them healthy and supple through the winter. This type of supplement provides the protein cows need to digest roughage. In addition, it is less expensive than most protein sources. Some ranchers prefer to feed hay until their cows are ready to calve.

Cost of a commercial cattle cake feeder

The purchase cost of a finished beef animal is the biggest single cost of producing beef, so careful budgeting is essential to ensure profitability. In times of tight margins, it is especially important to plan ahead. The best way to plan ahead is by using historical close-out records to project future performance. A new feeder cattle may not always be the most profitable choice, so it is important to use a realistic cost and price projections when selecting a new herd.

Buying a commercial cattle cake feeder

A commercial cattle cake feeder provides an economical winter supplementation option for cattle. Cows need protein to help balance dry pastures in winter. Cattle of all stages of gestation require certain amounts of protein in their rumen, but late-gestation cows require higher amounts. Depending on the amount of protein in the forage, ranchers may also need to supplement the cow’s diet.