Is Nulo a Good Dog Food?

Nulo offers top-grade dog food with options tailored specifically for different dietary requirements, using premium ingredients that promote pet wellness and fitness.

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Michael Landa founded this company after seeing so many overweight and diabetic dogs at his pet care business. To address the situation, he made it his goal to create pet foods with high protein content and lower carb content.


What is Nulo?

Nulo is a top-quality dog food brand offering various recipes designed to meet the nutritional needs of every pup. Their ingredients support energy levels while being ideal for maintaining immune systems and digestion health. Nulo also utilizes top ingredients sourced in America as it comes from high protein foods with minimal carbohydrates; all manufactured here.

This frozen wet dog food is ideal for puppies, adult dogs and seniors. As the first freeze-dried pet food to feature the GanedenBC30 probiotic and contain no poultry products. Furthermore, it’s free from grains, fillers, corn, wheat tapioca artificial preservatives & artificial flavor enhancers; plus there’s various formulas tailored specifically for different life stages including one featuring animal proteins for muscle maintenance & low carb/low glycemic ingredients to maintain weight with probiotics for immunity & sweet potatoes which provide starch sources!

Does Nulo Have Any Recalls?

Nulo Pet Food Company manufactures both dry and wet pet foods, targeting fitness-minded people and their pets alike. Their brand ambassadors include Olympic medalists, Crossfit athletes and professional trainers; in addition, Nulo sponsors Ironman events.

This brand offers a selection of high-protein, low-carbohydrate recipes featuring deboned meats such as turkey, beef liver, chicken and duck as well as fish ingredients such as salmon and menhaden fish meal. In addition, its recipes incorporate fruit and vegetable blends along with probiotics, vitamins and minerals supplements, kelp powder and other superfoods for maximum nutrition and satisfaction.

Nulo products are designed with your dog’s natural diet in mind, which means no grains, fillers or artificial preservatives. Instead they use an extensive list of ingredients including kelp, chicory root apples tomatoes and other fruit vegetables in addition to natural probiotics with protective spore casing and omega-3 fatty acids plus rosemary extract as a natural preservative – with recipes providing balanced animal-based proteins for building lean muscle mass and supporting heart health in cats and dogs alike.

Is Nulo Grain-Free?

Nulo recipes do not fall under the grain-free category but offer low-glycemic options that may benefit pets with food sensitivities or allergies. It is important to keep in mind that dogs are omnivores and grains are part of their natural diet; therefore, if your pet suffers from grain allergies or sensitivities it would be wiser to select another recipe from Nulo’s range.

For instance, one online-selling food has a high protein level and low-carbohydrate content suitable for puppies and adults alike. It includes ingredients like beef, lamb, beef liver, trout and egg that provide essential protein and fat sources, making digestibility simple while supporting energy levels in dogs.

Menhaden Fish Meal, an ingredient sourced from fish processing industry by-product, offers high protein concentration at an inexpensive cost – it often beats out plant-based sources like Pea Protein for use in this recipe made and sourced in USA and meeting all USDA, AAFCO, and FDA standards.

Is Nulo Made in the U.S.A.?

Nulo recipes are developed with specific needs in mind, including weight management and digestive health concerns. Their recipes utilize high levels of animal-derived proteins with low glycemic ingredients for maximum pet wellness.

This brand utilizes high-quality protein sources like turkey, trout and salmon for their pet food products, adding superfoods such as blueberries, kelp and salmon oil for additional nutritional support. They’ve even left out wheat, corn and soy – common allergens – making this food safe.

Michael Landa was inspired to form his company after witnessing an increase in diabetic canines who required at-home insulin injections. Working closely with nutritionists, veterinarians, and food formulators he created Nulo.