Nulo Dry Cat Food Review

nulo dry cat food

Nulo dry cat food is a high-quality formula designed to give your pet the energy and protein they need for growth. Plus, it features low carbohydrates and low glycemic ingredients for weight management.

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Small batch recipes stay fresher for longer, and include animal-based proteins to fuel muscle and probiotics to aid in digestion.



Nulo dry cat food is made with ingredients sourced from around the globe. Their kibbles and canned meals come in an array of flavors, while there’s also a selection of feeding options like perfect purees, pouches, flaked or shredded meats.

Nulo kibble is designed for optimal digestion and has a texture cats enjoy. Plus, it includes the patented BC30 probiotic to support good gastrointestinal health.

This kibble is free from wheat, corn and soy and boasts a high protein content with 83% animal protein as the first four ingredients. This makes it an ideal choice for senior cats and kittens who may be more vulnerable to developing food allergies.

This recipe utilizes chicken, turkey and deboned cod as its primary sources of protein. Additionally, it’s enriched with dried sweet potato for increased digestibility and weight loss benefits. Furthermore, it includes omega fatty acids to nourish skin and coat as well as carefully selected carbohydrates to boost energy levels in your cat.


Nulo grain-free dry cat food is a great option for cats with sensitive stomachs, as it contains protein sources and carbohydrates low on the glycemic index. Plus, it includes an ultra stable probiotic strain to support digestive health.

This recipe has been tailored to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO cat food nutrient profiles for all life stages. It uses deboned duck, chicken meal, turkey meal and deboned cod as its primary sources of protein.

This recipe also boasts a combination of carbohydrates that have lower glycemic index, like lentils and chickpeas, which provide plenty of fiber as well.

This food contains “natural flavor,” which is a concentrated source of meaty taste to increase palatability. Additionally, it contains guar gum and agar-agar, plant-derived gums which thicken the food. These ingredients help stabilize kibble and make it easier for cats to chew.


Michael Landa began a dog sitting business after noticing that many overweight and diabetic pets needed insulin injections at home. With the assistance of animal nutritionists and veterinarians, he created Nulo to provide high-quality food without grains or other glycemic ingredients for your furry friend.

Nulo dry cat foods are made with premium protein sources to support muscle repair and healthy digestion. Plus, they feature the patented BC30 probiotic for added digestive and immune support.

This dry kibble contains deboned chicken, turkey meal and cod as its primary sources of protein. These proteins make up 80% of the total protein content.

Kibble also contains whole peas and lentils as plant-based sources of protein, with chicken fat serving as its main fat source. Additionally, there are small amounts of ground flaxseed, pea fiber, and dried chicory root added for fiber content.


Nulo dry cat food is made with premium animal proteins to help your pet build lean muscle mass and stay active for extended periods. This promotes their overall wellbeing.

Dry cat food contains a healthy dose of omega fatty acids to promote glossy coat and skin. Plus, it’s low in carbohydrates and free from grains that could upset digestion or cause allergic reactions in cats.

This is an ideal option for adult cats and kittens who require extra protein. Plus, it’s high in fiber, free of corn, wheat, soy and artificial flavors or preservatives.

Chewy customers consistently give this product high marks, with most giving it between 4 and 5 stars. It appears to be of excellent quality.