Kalmbach Chicken Feed

kalmbach chicken feed

Kalmbach feeds are designed with fixed formulations, so each time you open a bag they contain the same nutrients for maximum flock health and productivity. This ensures your flock receives all of their essential nourishments needed for maximum development.

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This feed offers a finely ground texture that makes it an excellent option for chicks. The tiny cylinder-shaped grains can be softened by adding water, similar to oatmeal.

Layer Crumbles

Layer crumble feeds provide high-protein, probiotic-enriched rations with added probiotics to promote strong and beautiful eggs from healthy hens. They’re naturally designed to meet all the needs of laying hens from egg production to overall flock health; no corn or soy, no artificial colors or flavors, this blend of wheat, barley, peas, and grub protein provides your flock with all of the nutrition it requires throughout their entire lives while upcycling pre-consumer food waste into chicken feed bags making this product even better both for them and Mother Earth!

This nutrient-rich feed comes in both pellet and crumble form, both containing the same ingredients. Pellets come shaped to resemble traditional bird pellets while crumbles are made from similar ingredients but ground into smaller pieces for easier consumption by smaller birds and breeds that may have difficulty eating larger pellets. Crumbles may be better suited for chick starter/grower flocks or birds that forage regularly as an alternative form of feeding, or for chickens that struggle with eating traditional pellet food pellets.

Start giving this comprehensive and balanced ration to your laying hens from hatch to lay to ensure they receive all of the nutrition they require to produce nutritious eggs that look beautiful on your table. It contains essentials like 16% protein and calcium with added lysine and methionine for strong shells as well as optimal Vitamin E levels to maintain peak condition for your flock. Plus it comes with prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes to promote gut health as well as high quality diatomaceous earth to reduce pests while amprolium can help prevent coccidiosis – plus it comes in an affordable 50lb bag – cost effective solution!

Small Pet Select

This feed is an ideal selection for young chicks and pullets in your flock, featuring an ideal combination of wheat, peas, barley and flaxseed meal that provides essential nutrition to laying hens. Furthermore, it is free from pesticides while boasting high Omega 3 fatty acid levels; and contains the ideal ratio of phosphorus/salts balance needed for eggshell strength while being soy/corn-free; additional features such as marigold extract ensure brighter eggs; this feed can be found at CountryMax.

Small Pet Select’s non-GMO layer feed contains fresh, natural ingredients made without soy or corn, including high protein pellets, grains and seeds for energy and other nutritional components – along with a light drizzle of Omega-3 vegetable oil to boost Omega-3 intake if necessary. One of their best-selling products, it comes as either pellets, crumbles, or in combination mix form.

Small Pet Select is a family owned company that was founded in 2012. Founder Laurie Gordon became concerned when Lizzie, her beloved guinea pig, refused to eat her hay despite trying various brands but still wasn’t satisfied. So Laurie created Small Pet Select out of necessity. Billy came up with the concept for Small Pet Select when he realized how much small animals would enjoy a variety of hay blends he created to meet their needs, providing only top quality hay, pellets and herbal blends to their customers. Their research-backed animal nutrition can be found across three company-owned feed mills, seven affiliated feed mills and 150 dealers nationwide. Based in Upper Sandusky, Ohio and focused on providing your small pets with top-of-the-line care – visit their website today to discover their mission and products!