Kiwi Dog Food

kiwi dog food

Kiwi is a rich source of fiber that will leave your pet feeling satisfied after each meal, and has an extremely high water content to help them remain hydrated on hot days.

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Kiwi fruits can be safely fed to dogs as long as it is cut into bite-size pieces in order to prevent any choking hazards or any adverse reactions.


Freeze-Dried Raw

Freeze drying involves freezing food before placing it into a vacuum that removes all of its water content, effectively preserving it with far fewer damages than dehydration using heat. Furthermore, freeze dried products rehydrate faster and retain more essential vitamins than those made through dehydration processes.

Freeze-dried kiwi foods can be used as full meals, treats or meal mixers – they’re an ideal solution for finicky eaters or those sensitive to cooked food! In general they tend to contain higher concentrations of meat and superfoods compared with traditional raw foods.

Bixbi Rawbble freeze-dried formula gets most of its animal protein from fresh duck, raised without antibiotics or added hormones, making it suitable for a limited ingredient diet and free from rendered meal by-products, corn, wheat soy or artificial preservatives and colorants – not to mention potential allergens such as beef or chicken!


ZIWI Peak Raw Superboost with Beef is designed as a high-protein, low-fat food topper that adds a beefy flavor to any dog food. Dehydrated for optimal freshness and quality control purposes, this dehydrated dog food topper contains beef liver and other lean meats as well as top-grade vegetables and fruit like sweet potatoes, green beans carrots and zucchini for an irresistibly yummy texture and taste!

Gently air-dried, this recipe makes an ideal meal mixer or food topper. Crafted using quality whole foods from New Zealand such as grass fed beef and salmon as well as superfoods such as green mussel, kiwifruit, and blackcurrants, it makes use of the latest technologies available today to achieve delicious results.

To compare guaranteed analysis of any food, be sure to subtract its water percentage for dry matter analysis. Alterations, additions or substitutions of ingredients can alter its nutritional composition and you should always seek advice from your veterinarian prior to beginning any health program, diet or supplement regimen – this must take place via a formal client-patient relationship which can only be established following a physical exam of your pet.


Pet owners sometimes mistakenly believe that grains are hard on a dog’s digestive tract; however, this is far from the truth: grains contain essential vitamins and nutrients which provide numerous advantages – including fiber and carbohydrates – most dogs can digest grains well when minimally processed.

Grain-free recipes typically feature potatoes (both white and sweet), quinoa, peas or lentils as sources of carbohydrate; however, these substitutes lack essential proteins and nutrients found in whole food diets.

Taurine, an essential amino acid for heart health, may also be missing from these diets; the FDA has been investigating any link between BEG diets and DCM (degenerative cardiomyopathy in dogs), an advanced form of cardiovascular disease in canines. Fresh meat-based diets will naturally contain taurine.


This single protein range from New Zealand is carefully air dried to lock in nutrients while maintaining the intensity of flavor. Made without grain, this food can serve both as a complete meal or simply a topping to complement existing meals.

Food provided to our dogs primarily consists of meat-based meals with chicken liver as an excellent source of B vitamins and zinc for prostate disease prevention. There is also plenty of fish, offering omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D; plus New Zealand green mussel to aid joint health. Our diets contain little carbs – fitting well as dogs are predominantly carnivorous creatures who benefit from eating foods low in carbohydrates.

Food with high quality ingredients such as this raw high protein diet may be more costly. However, its price can be justified due to this being an alternative diet option with beneficial health properties for dogs with food sensitivities or used as an enticement when added as a topping or appetiser to other meals.