Leopard Gecko Gel Food

leopard gecko gel food

LeopaGel is an ideal diet for your pet leopard gecko. This fully balanced food is ready to feed and can be stored for long periods. It is easy to feed with a spoon, tweezers, or even your finger. Its consistency and texture is similar to live food, making it ideal for reptiles of all ages. Geckos are very tolerant of this food, with up to 80% acceptance rate on the first feed.

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Geckos eat insects

Leopard geckos are known to feed on insects up to an inch long. As they grow older, they may start eating larger insects such as crickets and roaches. The best time to introduce larger insects to your pet is when your pet is about six months old. Adult leopard geckos need to be fed once or twice a day, although they can go longer without feeding if they need to.

Insects that are high in protein and fat are ideal for leopard geckos. They should be fed live, rather than freeze-dried. Using freeze-dried insects for your pet is not healthy because they lose their micronutrients during the drying process. Mealworms are a good alternative for adult geckos, but they should be fed along with other insects. Feeding only mealworms to your gecko can lead to vitamin deficiencies and reduced growth.


LeopaGel leopard geckos food comes in a pouch that is easy to open. Using feeding forceps or gloved fingers, gently knead the pouch until it is open. Then, place the pouch in front of your pet’s mouth and wiggle it back and forth.

LeopaGel contains a unique and scientifically formulated food for your gecko. The dietary supplement contains mealworm, silkworm meal, trace minerals, and vitamins. The chewy texture is similar to that of live food. It has been proven to be highly acceptable by leopard geckos.


When you buy your leopard gecko a food, you should make sure it has a good nutritional value. Mealworms will grow and reproduce as long as they are fed the right food. You can feed them vegetables and fruit or buy a bug grub for them and supplement their diet with vitamin and calcium powder.

Mealworms can be found in various varieties and can be purchased online or from a specialty pet store. They are available frozen or live. Frozen mealworms can be purchased at PetSmart or Petco, as well as online at many pet stores.

Dubia roaches

Dubia roaches are a great source of insects for your lizards and reptiles. They are available in various sizes so that you can feed several different Leos without having to worry about a mismatch. But before you begin feeding your roaches, make sure you are aware of what they’re eating.

Dubia roaches need a mid to high humidity. Although they can live in a moderately humid environment, they are best kept in an environment with a humidity level of forty to sixty percent. Adding a large bowl of water crystals or misting the environment once in a while will help keep your roaches in the correct range.


If you are planning to buy a leopard gecko as a pet, you should know that they’re not omnivorous. They’re actually insectivores, which means they don’t digest fruits and other vegetables. However, some types of fruit are good for them. The best options are those with a high calcium and phosphorus content. However, you should also avoid starfruit and avocado, as these contain compounds that are toxic to reptiles.

It is possible to find fruit that your leopard gecko will enjoy, including strawberries, blueberries, and blueberries. These foods are highly nutritious and are good for your pet. The natural sugar and natural flavor in fruit is not harmful to your gecko. However, you may need to provide additional nutrition for your pet. A high-quality diet will provide your pet with the right amount of vitamins and minerals.