Long Lasting Dog Treats

Long lasting dog treats may provide many benefits for both you and your pup, including dental health and relieving boredom and destructive chewing behavior. However, they should not replace regular dental visits.

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Be sure to consult your vet before adding new chews to your pup’s diet, and remember that 10% of his/her daily caloric intake should come from treats.


Cow Ears

Cow ears make for an excellent treat that’s high in protein and low in fat, full of cartilage to promote joint health, less greasy than their counterpart pig ears, and don’t smell as strongly. Cow ears can help dogs who suffer from digestive problems as they help remove plaque and tartar deposits on teeth and are an excellent dental health practice as they remove plaque and tartar build-up.

Air dried cow ears provide the healthiest option as this process preserves more essential vitamins. Avoid those that contain preservatives or chemical additives to ensure maximum nutrition retention for your dog’s diet. Smoked versions also increase cancer risks; always choose healthy alternatives when selecting treats for your pup!

Cow ears are generally safe for most dogs, though too much consumption or allergies to beef could cause diarrhoea or even choking if too large a piece is swallowed. Chewing is a natural instinct of dogs that helps alleviate anxiety and boredom; it should always be done under supervision so your pup doesn’t nibble away at furniture or other objects in your home.

Beef Bones

If your dog enjoys chewing, beef bones make an ideal treat that will satisfy his natural instinct to chew without choking or damaging their teeth. Chewing helps relieve boredom and anxiety as well as aid digestion. When made from organically raised beef they provide a satisfying outlet for natural chewing behavior without risk of choking or harming teeth.

Raw beef bones such as knuckle, rib and marrow bones are much safer to consume than cooked versions, since cooking renders them brittle and more susceptible to shattering, potentially damaging or cracking teeth and increasing risk of choking or swallowing pieces that could block or puncture intestines or stomach.

Raw bones contain essential nutritional components that support joint health, such as calcium, phosphorous, chondroitin sulfates, and glucosamine, to promote overall joint wellbeing in dogs and prevent arthritis and hip dysplasia. Chewing on bones also stimulates saliva enzymes which remove plaque while helping them keep an appropriate potty schedule – making these treats an ideal healthier alternative than cheap chew toys with carbs and sugar that could lead to tooth decay.

Yak Sticks

Yak sticks are long-lasting chews made with all-natural ingredients. Packed with protein, low fat content, calcium phosphate and magnesium; Himalayan yak chews are preservative-, hormone- and gluten-free for your convenience!

These treats are non-staining and low odor, making them great options for dental health as they help remove plaque. Although less harsh on teeth than rawhide or bones, they still offer your pup a great jaw workout!

These high-protein chews offer long-term value as a treat option, are easily digestible, low in calories and offer a great alternative to rawhide or bones.

These chews are an ideal option for small dogs and aggressive chewers, providing hours of entertainment. Small pieces can even be warmed for 30-60 seconds in the microwave to make them puff up like popcorn!


Antler dog chews provide hours of enjoyable gnawing enjoyment, boasting numerous health benefits in addition to being nutritious and hypoallergenic. Antlers are among nature’s longest lasting chew treats – these naturally shed deer antler dog chews are among the longest lasting in terms of chew duration!

As antlers develop beneath velvet, cartilage in their core is gradually transformed into trabecular bone via an endochondral ossification process, while membranes surrounding it undergo direct conversion into cortical bone (intramembranous ossification).

Antlers can be great teeth-cleaners for dogs with sensitive teeth, helping keep their gums white and healthy. Furthermore, antlers provide distraction from separation anxiety while being hard enough not to break any teeth when your pet chews hard at them – just watch closely so your pet doesn’t over-chew and damage his/her own.