Long Lasting Yak Stick Chews For Dogs

Finding long-lasting chews for your dog may seem like an endless search, and finding something safe and healthy for their tummy is important.

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Yak Sticks are natural and completely digestible treats that should be watched while being chewed by your dog to ensure his stomach doesn’t become upset.



Yak stick products are packed with protein, making them a wonderful treat for dogs. Their amino acids help repair muscle, skin, hair, nails, cartilage ligaments and tendons as well as aid digestion by producing hormones and enzymes. Plus the chewing action removes plaque and tartar from teeth for good dental health!

Yak sticks offer another great advantage for dogs: their total digestibility makes them safe and nutritious chews for most. As always, however, it is wise to monitor your pet after providing any new chews or treats to them to make sure any digestive issues don’t worsen with use of such products.

Cheese-making processes eliminate or significantly reduce any trace of lactose in yak chews. If any leftover chews remain after your pet has devoured them, simply microwave them for crunchie cheese puffs!


Yak chews provide high amounts of protein and calcium, helping keep dogs happy and healthy. Plus, they’re a healthier option than rawhide, antlers or bully sticks which may contain unnecessary preservatives, additives and flavors for your pup to consume. Chewing on yak chews promotes dental health by reducing plaque/tartar build-up while curbing destructive chewing behavior in some dogs.

These long-lasting chews are easy for dogs to digest and will keep them busy for hours at a time. Not only are they low in fat but they’re free from chemicals or artificial ingredients that could potentially be harmful. Plus, their naturally odourless formula won’t leave your home smelling like someone has been cooking bacon all day!

Digestive Health

Yak sticks are made from yak milk that has been boiled and then smoked to produce a long-term chewable treat for your dog’s enjoyment. Low in fat and fully digestible, yak milk chews provide healthy alternatives that provide essential calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iron nutrients to their bodies.

These chewable treats provide your pup with a natural way to clean and strengthen his or her teeth and gums, thanks to the chewing action. Ideal for aggressive chewers, these long-lasting durable treats ensure long lasting chew experiences!

Like any chewable treat, yak milk sticks should only be given to your pup in moderation and under supervision to prevent him or her from swallowing larger chunks of chew and risk choking. Furthermore, their high sodium content could cause upset stomachs so this should only be fed as part of a balanced meal plan.

Natural Ingredients

Yak stick products are made with ingredients like yak milk, lime and salt that are safe for dogs to enjoy, helping with dental health while keeping active chewers occupied for hours! Long lasting chewers will find these chews ideal.

These treats also boast low odor levels, making them suitable for use in rooms shared by multiple pets and humans without worry about any unpleasant lingering scent. This makes them the perfect chew treat option for multi-pet households.

Vets and dog lovers alike appreciate these treats for helping to remove plaque and improve breath. This can help your pup keep his or her teeth in better condition as they age while preventing bad habits such as chewing on shoes or furniture.

Himalayan yak chews may start out hard, but become softened over time as your dog enjoys chewing them. To reduce waste and make these treats more suitable for younger dogs who might otherwise not prefer the dense texture of dry yak sticks, microwave leftover pieces until puffed up for extra appeal!