Lysine Chews For Your Cat

lysine chews

Lysine is an essential amino acid found in high-protein foods like meat, nuts and beans. If your diet does not provide sufficient amounts of this essential amino acid, supplements may be taken to ensure you get enough.

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Studies suggest lysine may help alleviate anxiety, prevent cold sores, enhance calcium absorption and speed wound healing. Speak with your healthcare professional about whether lysine is beneficial for you and how much to take.


Aventix Optixcare L-Lysine Chews

Optixcare L-Lysine Chews are tasty, bite size soft chews that provide your cat with 500 mg of lysine per treat. Studies have demonstrated these supplements may reduce herpes outbreaks and boost your cat’s immune system.

These lysine chews are composed of poultry meal, sorbitol, water, glycerin, rice starch, soy lecithin, dried pork digest (flavoring), glucose syrup and salt. Furthermore, they contain potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, bha, citric acid, propyl gallate, propionic acid, phosphoric acid sorbic acid lactic acid as well as other additives.

Aventix Optixcare L-Lysine Chews are a market first that contain 500mg of lysine per chew to make supplementing easier for your cat. These convenient treats can be given once daily or as often as recommended by your veterinarian. Packaged in resealable bags for convenience and ease of use, store in a cool, dry place away from children and other pets.

Under the Weather L-Lysine Soft Chews

Under the Weather L-Lysine Soft Chews are vet formulated to deliver a powerful dose of lysine with help from antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Made in the USA with ingredients including brewer’s dried yeast, L-lysine monohydrate, vegetable glycerin, whitefish, sunflower lecithin, arabic gum, coconut oil, guar gum and tapioca starch for an irresistible whitefish taste that your feline friends are sure to lick away! Plus you get to take advantage of our volume discounts when ordering multiple items!

Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus Bite Sized Chews

Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus Bite Sized Chews are a tasty chicken liver-flavored chew whose primary purpose is to support immune system health. They contain L-Lysine, N-N-Dimethylglycine HCl (DMG), as well as other beneficial components which work together to support hormone production, neurotransmitters, antibodies and nucleic acids. Vetri-Science supplements are known for their superior quality supplements and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Vetri-Science has been in business for over four decades and produces only the highest quality products to help promote and protect our pets’ wellbeing. Their commitment to using only potent, scientifically proven ingredients ensures their products deliver on their promise. They offer a wide selection of dietary supplements, medical foods and pet items designed to make life simpler for pet parents.

Vetri-Science L-Lysine Chews

Vetri-Science L-Lysine Chews are specially formulated for cats with immune system issues, providing them with essential amino acid lysine to boost immunity, eye and respiratory health, as well as N,N-Dimethylglycine HCl (DMG), which helps your body use oxygen more efficiently at the cellular level.

Vetri-Science L-Lysine Plus is a daily supplement recommended for cats with immune system issues that is easy to administer. This daily supplement supports immune function, collagen formation, tissue repair, antioxidant activity and antibody and lymphocyte production; it may even reduce herpes virus infections in cats.

Vetri-Science L-Lysine chews come in a range of flavors and sizes. They contain ingredients like arabic gum, brewer’s yeast, calcium sulfate, canola oil, chicken liver flavor, citric acid, citrus pectin, glycerin, maltodextrin, mixed tocopherols, oat flour, propionic acid, rosemary extract, rye flour silicon dioxide sodium alginate sorbic acid soy lecithin and vegetable oil for convenience.