Merrick Backcountry Grain Free Raw Infused Dry Cat Food

merrick backcountry grain free raw infused dry dry cat food

Merrick backcountry grain free raw infused dry dry cat food is a great way to add raw nutrition into your kitty’s diet. It’s made with protein-rich kibble that’s infused with freeze-dried raw bites of meat.

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It’s grain-free but contains a small amount of carbohydrates in the form of potatoes and peas. These are mainly used to bulk the food out, but they’re not as high-quality or beneficial to your pet as animal proteins.



Merrick backcountry grain free raw infused dry dry cat food is made with an all-natural, high-protein diet that cats love. It’s loaded with meat and fish, plus vegetables and wholesome grains to give your furry friend all the nutrition they need.

It also contains omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. It contains no added sugar or preservatives, and it’s made with natural ingredients from the USA.

This formula also has four animal-based proteins, including chicken, turkey, and salmon meal. It also has salmon oil as a source of omega-3.

It has a lower carbohydrate content than many other dry foods, and it is free of carrageenan, a potentially cancer-causing ingredient. It’s also lower in fat than other dry foods.

Nutritional Benefits

Merrick cat food recipes are packed with all of the essential nutrients your feline friend needs to thrive. They have top levels of protein from real meat and whole food vegetables as well as essential vitamins, minerals and taurine for optimal health.

These foods are also rich in omega fatty acids to promote skin and coat health as well as joint-supporting fish oil. They are also fortified with extra amino acids to keep muscles strong and functioning correctly.

Backcountry grain free raw infused dry dry cat food is an ancestral diet your carnivores would find in the wild, delivering all of the nutrition they need without a single filler ingredient. It’s mixed with protein-rich kibble and freeze dried raw pieces of real meat, poultry or fish to deliver the taste cats love with the nutritional benefits they need.

Merrick focuses on quality animal proteins rather than high-fructose corn and soy to avoid allergic reactions in sensitive cats. These recipes are also designed to provide your cat with a higher-than-average calorie count for building muscle and increasing energy.


Merrick backcountry grain free raw infused dry dry cat food delivers the perfect blend of protein-rich, grain-free kibble and real, whole pieces of raw, freeze-dried chicken or fish that your active kitten craves. The meat ingredients are sourced from farms and ranchers who adhere to the strict quality standards set by Merrick.

The recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. They also feature the natural, holistic nutrients your kitty needs to stay healthy and happy.

The main protein sources are real deboned chicken and salmon, both of which are rich in omega fatty acids for a healthier skin and coat. They also include sweet potatoes which are easily digestible carbohydrates. There is no added sugar, preservatives or artificial additives.


Merrick Backcountry grain free raw infused dry cat food is a good option for cat owners looking to introduce more natural foods into their pet’s diet. It contains high quality protein, Omega fatty acids and glucosamine to help support hips and joints in an all-natural formula.

This kibble also includes freeze dried raw protein pieces to provide a delicious and nutritious boost. This kibble also contains zero corn, wheat or gluten and is formulated without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The first ingredient in this food is deboned salmon, which is an excellent source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. The second ingredient is salmon meal, which contains ground flesh from salmon fish.